Given this ridiculously hot Perth weather and my family’s love for fruit, I have revamped my old summer staple of frozen fruit by adding a stick. I call them fruitsicles.

Fruitsicles are as popular with my little people as shop-bought icy poles. It goes without saying that they are also far healthier.

To make this batch of fruitsicles [let’s call this Recipe #155 for posterity], I cut fresh pineapple and watermelon into 7-10cm-long and 2cm-thick strips. Then I carefully eased wooden sticks into the fruit strips (this works best if you hug the fruit with your hand) and placed them in the freezer overnight.

All you need to make your own fruitsicles is really ripe (seasonal) fruit and popsticks, which you can buy from a craft shop or supermarket. There is no added anything else…except for maybe a tad of love and patience as you fit the sticks to your fruit without cracking the would-be fruitsicles through the middle.

Other fruitsicle options you may want to try include:

  • mangoes
  • bananas (choc-coated!)
  • grape skewers

The possibilities are limited only by the season, your fresh fruit source, and your imagination.

Try it, and I am sure you will find this simple, fruity treat as popular in your household as it is in ours!

H 🙂


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