Eating in

This was our family breakfast this morning: green juice to start; poached eggs (from our chickens!) on wholegrain sourdough bread, with smoky homemade hummus, rawmesan, mushrooms and avocado; cardamom coffee to finish.

Sorry there’s no photo; I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Our meal was delicious, satisfying and based on whole foods. And, as my husband and I tucked in, we voiced the same thought at the same time: “This is so much better than our recent eating-out experiences!”

Or, to paraphrase Darryl Kerrigan, “Why would you go out?”

Research shows that eating meals as a family makes for a more cohesive family unit with smarter, better-adjusted kids. Eating in also makes good economic and health sense in general.

Out of necessity, I have always made most of our night-time meals at home. Now I’m rediscovering my love for eating and my love for home-cooked websites, like Not eating out in New York, to supplement my own back-catalogue of “old faithful” recipes.

Food is becoming fun again.

H 🙂


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