A little link love

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith.

I am continually impressed and inspired by the work being produced by other food & lifestyle bloggers, and I really want to share some of the amazingness that I come across when I am online each day. So here it is, distilled into a few short lines.

Here are some “classics”, the sites I use as my benchmarks:

  • Ideas in Food — Aki & Alex inspire me with their challenging combinations and techniques, most of which I don’t even attempt to emulate;
  • Abstract Gourmet — What beautiful imagery! What classic lines! Blessed with a discerning palate and a critical mind, you can also find articles by Matt in Spice magazine;
  • Summer Tomato — Darya is a scientist and foodie from San Fran whose energy and methodical approach make her site a reliable reference and an interesting read;
  • tomato — Ed’s views on food experiences and trends are witty, colourful & honest; and
  • lemonpi — the best way I can describe Sydney blogger Y Lee is as a food poet. The way that she describes her food, the minimalism of her photography, her simple styling; she captures the very essence of food in her words and images.
  • The Sartorialist — ok, so not a food blog, but certainly an inspiration. The pictures on this site are exquisite morsels, fleeting moments of true beauty. [Thanks go to my innovative friend Vincent for leading me to this incredible site!]

Here are some brand new finds that I think are pretty special [18/06/2018: note that two of these three sites are sadly unavailable, therefore links have been removed]:

  • sophistimom — I discovered this site last Monday, after following a StumbleUpon suggestion. How a busy mum of three manages to maintain a site so perfect dumbfounds me. My hat goes off to Jaime — and, needless to say, this site is now bookmarked;
  • Food Gourmand — Karine started her blog to document her entry attempts into the culinary arts in May this year and she hasn’t looked back; and
  • Palace Foods — a blogging team of two from Perth whose cooking & dining experiences make for an accessible, intelligent and (sometimes) political read.

Obviously, this is not a complete gastronomic listing, however I thought it would be sufficient to whet your appetites and lure you further into the realms of good food & wine — and creativity.

What do you think — mission accomplished?



  1. Wow, thanks for the compliment!

    It’s not my intention for the blog to be political, really. I’ll only write about political things when then come between me and a meal or a drink.

    Thanks again! I like your blog, the tapas menu looks great. Do you work in a food-related job?


  2. Thanks for your feedback, Matt – and thank you for reading!

    I don’t officially work with food; it’s more of a passion and a hobby. Although I have been booked for more dinner parties lately…

    H 🙂


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