The third way I like to eat Nutella

I keep a jar of Nutella in my pantry purely for medicinal purposes. If you didn’t already know, and I am sure that many of you are eminently aware of this fact, Nutella is an amazingly magical spread.

This miraculous paste of choc-hazelnut goodness manages to satisfy chocolate cravings, cure feelings of lethargy, loneliness & mortification, and stick bits of broken heart back together — and all you need is a few spoonfuls per dose.

In my chocolate ganache post, I mentioned two of the ways that I enjoy eating Nutella:

  1. spread thickly on a fresh piece of white bread (I am salivating as I type this!); and
  2. from a spoon, by itself — incidentally, I think that Ferrero could attract a greater market share with the launch of a ‘Spoon me.’ campaign.

The third way is so deliciously decadent that I don’t make it often. My inspiration comes from tiger, tiger, where I was served something very similar on a fruit bagel about 3 years ago.

Recipe #51: Nutella, mascarpone and cherry toasted sandwich. I am not sure that this really qualifies as a recipe, but I am calling it one anyway.

You will need:

  • 2 slices of extra thick raisin/fruit toast [I have made this with thick white bread, but it is not the same]
  • mascarpone
  • Nutella
  • Morello cherries, pitted [you can buy these in a jar]

Smear a generous quantity of mascarpone onto one slice of bread and the same of Nutella on the other slice. Butterfly cherries over the top of either the mascarpone or the Nutella, and you get something like:

Press the two halves together; now to toast it. I do this in a small frypan by preheating it to medium-hot, then allowing the sandwich to toast for about two minutes on one side and a minute or so on the other. Check the toasting process regularly to prevent burnage!

Cut in half to serve, as this allows the smooshy centre to ooze onto the plate in a most alluring manner.

I have just finished consuming my creation and, while scrumplicious, I am now kind of thinking this was not the best snack to have pre-tapas.



  1. Oh yummm! What a great suggestion! I too believe in the medicinal properties of Nutella 😀 Although, usually when I’m needing some ‘healing’, I can’t be bothered to make anything more complicated than spreading Nutella on a piece of bread!


  2. Y – I do know what you mean, but the 5 minutes it takes to construct & toast the sandwich are so worth it. Without scientific evidence (yet), I believe that ingesting according to this method actually concentrates the healing effects of the Nutella. True story.

    Conor – thanks for your feedback on the pic! It is darn good; please try it & let me know what you think.

    H 🙂


  3. Oh. My. God.
    Thanks Hannah-trying very hard here to curb my growing appetite and I see this!

    Also, not sure Nutella would run a ‘Spoon Me’ campaign…too many connotations that may be vaguely food-related yet more…well you get the point. 🙂


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