Aloe aloe, happy birthday to me & what to expect (and it may not be what you’re expecting)

The big news for this post is that A Very Foodly Diary has now lived in the blogosphere for four whole years. So it’s happy 4th birthday to me — for yesterday, actually — and yay to you for reading!

Those of you who have been with me from the start will be able to attest to the changes that have taken place in my life, family, blog and business over the last four years. I have appreciated your readership, comments and support during this time of radical transition. It’s been awesome 🙂

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole of my last year in blogging. If I absolutely had to choose my favourite posts from this time, however, they would be the ones relating to happy food, edible hugs, raw mushroom soup, eating flowers, and my celebration of sweet and sticky sometimes foods

…although my stats tell me that many of you preferred to (re)read old faithfuls, such as ‘B’ is for Beetroot, 10 things you can do with ganache, Cling-wrap poached eggs, Cereal fillers and Why bread is so bad.

Here is a taste of what to expect over the next year:

  • From A Very Foodly Diary: you will find information and recipes around interesting and seasonal ingredients, guest posts from some of my favourite humans, commentary on food supply and consumption, and recipes based on the produce from my new (so new that it isn’t even retained or planted yet) garden.
  • From A Foodly Affair: a focus on –
    * market stalls (aiming for at least every month, somewhere in Perth). So far this year we have found ourselves at the Poynter Farmers’ Market twice! Have you sampled our juices, smoothies and sorbets on offer there?
    * mindful eating talks & workshops – eg. at the Less Is More Festival on 16 February [it’s free — you should come!] and through health food and organic stores, like The Green Bean. If you would like to see me hold a living foods or mindful eating workshop near you, gather together a few people with an interest and lobby your local shop owner. I would love to meet as many of you as possible, and to encourage more people to consume with consciousness.

One of my big learnings from the last year is that life is so amazing and so changeable that I need to be in it and grasp each opportunity as it comes. This means that I will be spending more time with my passions — my family, friends, food, garden, singing, writing and consultancy [yes, I do enjoy my work!] — and, while I am eager as ever to share, I will be online a little less.

So I will not ask you to fill in a fancy poll for me this year. I will share what I can as I look forward to turning greater effort towards my food garden and increased self-sufficiency in the midst of suburban consumerism.

This brings us to the remaining unexplained element of my title. Aloe aloe is not an attempt by me to be funny — it happens to be the marketed name of one of the newest residents to my herb garden, and now one of my most favourite additions to my green juice.

my new aloe vera plant

Best known for its ability to heal and soothe sunburnt skin, aloe vera is an amazing natural medicine that grows easily and quickly in Australian gardens. Reported benefits including action as an anti-inflammatory, moisturiser, blood sugar stabiliser, immunity booster and digestive aid.

The traditional wisdom attached to aloe vera is being tested scientifically, with positive results so far for topical application. Proponents claim that this spiky plant does its best healing from the inside out, as ingestion stimulates nutrient absorption and collagen production. Try drinking your green juice with a little aloe vera and I am sure you will feel more hydrated as a result.

[Sources (listed alphabetically): Gage, D. (1988) Aloe Vera: Nature’s Soothing Healer, Healing Arts Press, Vermont; Gaiam Life (2011); Natural Medicine Journal (2012); Natural News (2007)]

Finally, I invite you to raise your glasses (of aloe-spiked green juice) and chink with me in unison to an excellent Year 5 that is filled with fun, health and fabulous surprises.

Be. Love. Do. Here’s to you.

H 🙂

PS. Remember that ‘Love Thy Food’ is now available for only $9.99 from Amazon or Kobo — and, if you feel so inclined, you can also follow along on facebook!



  1. Hi Beautiful Hannah. Happy Happy Birthday to you for yesterday!!! So sorry i missed it. I look forward to reading you this wonderful year. Many many good wishes for you and your projects xx looking fwd to another chat xx Suellen


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