A deliciously sticky ending

I know I have said this before, and it’s worth saying again: one of the things I love best about Christmas is the leftovers.

fig tart and apple, rhubarb & pear crumble cake

Both of these sometimes foods [fig tart with goat’s milk curd and Pedro Ximinez (L); apple, rhubarb & pear crumble cake (R)] were lovingly cooked using organic and mostly wholefood ingredients. I was very excited to see these particular items in the fridge this morning, but only after consuming my choco-banana-blueberry smoothie and poached eggs with kimchi.

Whatever you are eating this festive season, feel good about it. A recent Heal Your Life article provides an excellent reminder to “eat what you love and love what you eat” [and, incidentally, that is one of the main premises behind my book, Love Thy Food ;)].

In talking about the importance of how we eat, Denise and Meadow Linn mention the sensory and emotional experience of eating in connection with research that includes the French Paradox [ie. why do so many French people eat rich foods and still manage to stay thin? It has much to do with food associations] and the messages that our brain sends to our organs when we eat under the influence of particular emotions.

The psychology of eating is a complex friend indeed. I think the biggest takeaway from this all is that we often overthink the nutrient value of what we eat — to the extent that we stop truly enjoying our food, thus rendering it less beneficial to our bodies. So celebrate when you lift that slab of something delectable to your lips, and it will be that much more delightful to your hips.

I hope that your Christmas was splendid, especially in terms of love and food, and that your New Year is fabulous. Remember to mark down this year’s gratitudes and achievements and, while you’re at it, write down the whimsical, way out dreams you barely dare to breathe. They just may come true.

See you again on the other side,

H 🙂


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