28 days

This 28 days bears no resemblance to the zombie movie of the same name. It’s about going back to basics and also about reconnecting with the awesome me that I experienced when I first ate 100% raw food in 2010 for over 2 months. This time, I am only committing to 4 weeks of 100% raw. Easy peasy, right?

yummy ravioli

From last Tuesday, 19 June, my household is eating 100% raw for 4 weeks. We prepared by gradually moving from 80-100% raw over the course of about a week and I made a few essentials, like herb crackers (from “Raw Food, Real World”), zucchini hommous, onion bread (adapted to our tastes from Rawvolution’s famous recipe). I also created a few non-essentials, like velvet chocolate cheesecake and cashew vanilla icecream. Yum.

cashew vanilla icecream

This is our ninth day in and it’s becoming easier as we go.

When you eat 100% raw, a number of interesting things happen. Your body and brain start to operate differently. You may feel fluey during the first week or two. The cravings during the first few days in particular can be overwhelming. All of this is par for the course, and a good reason to set a finite timeframe for the challenge because all of these changes can be off-putting.

After the first two-ish weeks, however, your body starts to normalise, your mind becomes crystal clear and you feel so much more energised. We are starting to feel this happen for us. It’s like the build-up in the wet season; bring on the rain, I say!

At first, our biggest challenge was keeping interest and variety in our meals whilst also managing to get on with life. For the first four days, most of my waking hours were spent in the kitchen. This was hard work and completely unsustainable for our family. [And I know my better half values his life too much to tell me this, but I am pretty sure I was a little short-fused from Day 5-6.]

Some of our more notable main meals have included:

Some of these recipes will follow in future posts, as will more desserts!

mushroom soup

Over the last three days, we have been eating greener and simpler. Once I took stock of the fact that I am working two jobs and feeding me, a man (= 2 x me), a 7-year old (sometimes), a 4-year old and a baby (solids and breastmilk) every meal and snack from scratch, I stopped trying to be perfect and focused on the essentials in life and food. Now most meals comprise a dehydrated ‘bread’ and a selection of salads, perhaps with a selection of fruit and nuts, cashew nut cream and/or raw ‘cheese’. And sometimes we have dessert.

As for snacks, we have been eating:

  • smoothies. Many smoothies;
  • activated almonds with goji berries and cacao nibs;
  • two-toned raw halva – made according to a recipe I modified from Hot Pink Chilli;
  • Medjool dates;
  • fresh fruit; and
  • veg sticks with raw zucchini hommous.

So here we are on Day 9. One of us is nursing an onion bread addiction, I am craving greens instead of pasta, and we are eating and drinking lots and lots and lots of nurturing plant-based foods. I’d say we have almost found our groove.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In case you are interested, there is more to come.

H 🙂

PS. Other foodly tidbits:

  • My next class still has a place for you! Winter Warmers is running on 4 July at the beautiful Maylands Yacht Club. I would love to see you there!
  • Annette at Wellness WA has initiated “Green July”, a month of green juices/smoothies, as an alternative to Dry July. I think it’s an awesome idea so I have signed up. Will you?
  • Joel Serra Bevin, a fellow MasterChef 2009 contestant, has now launched his own foodie tours business in Barcelona. Named for his great grandfather, Papa Serra promises a culinary journey like no other. Yay Joel!


  1. Hi, only just seen this link to my blog – thank-you so much! How are you going with your 28 days of raw? I admire you, don’t think I could do it through winter! Love Jodi from Hot Pink Chilli 🙂


    • Thanks for the halva recipe and for visiting a very foodly diary, Hot Pink Chilli 🙂

      My 28 days are posing some unexpected challenges and, as Day 25 ends, I am feeling rather reflective already. I’ll write a full post about my sentiments and learnings in a few days’ time.

      H 🙂


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