What I want from 2012


Image courtesy of Naypong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve celebrations were excellent and that you have some awesome plans for 2012.

With its many fascinating twists and challenges, my 2011 was a brilliant learning curve — and, if I’m honest with myself, that is exactly as I wanted it. A true adventure.

Instead of recounting achievements like I did last year, here is an abridged glimpse of my gratitude list:

  • 2011 gave me the opportunity to become my own boss 100%, and I grabbed it with both hands!
  • I have a gorgeous, growing, blended family, with the most amazing man in the world.
  • My friends and family are open and supportive, no matter how long it is between phone calls or visits.
  • I am surrounded by positive people and energy. People have come into my life at exactly the right time and every one of them has taught me something new.
  • I have reclaimed my health and my life.

I am so blessed.

Many articles and artefacts influenced my thinking in 2011. Five of my favourite topics include: ♥ the action-inspiring Holstee Manifesto ♥ research on neuroplasticity and authentic happinessepigenetics: why our genes are not our destiny ♥ telomeres, cancer and agingconfessions from a former big food executive

In looking forward to 2012, I researched New Year’s resolutions and discovered that most people share very similar resolutions, which inevitably relate to health and self-improvement.

*** Gratuitous plug: if you are one of the many who has made a NY resolution relating to health, please consider coming along to my “Juices, Smoothies & Salads” Uncooking Class on Thursday, 12 January [link defunct > removed]. ***

On the strength of advice that tells me I am more likely to achieve my goals if they are small and tangible (even if they are labelled as NY resolutions), I have reversed my usual anti-resolution stance and set a number of tangible goals for myself and my family this year.

I will share one in particular, as it relates to you: I will be more present. I will open my ears and be more responsive to you, as a reader or client.

To help me to better understand your needs, I would appreciate it if you could click on the button below and complete my 7-question, 5-minute survey [closes 10 January; results to appear in a future blog post]:

So, what do I want from 2012? I want success in everything I do. Living authentically, I want my world to be harmonious, courageous and incredibly happy, and I want to make the world a better place by being the best version of me that I can. I want love, laughter and adventure — and all to the soundtrack of my own drumbreat.

May 2012 bring you everything you need (and maybe just a little bit more). I have a really good feeling about this year already.

H 🙂



  1. Happy New Year H! I wish yourself, your growing family and your business all the best in happiness and prosperity for the year ahead and beyond. It’s going to be a HUGE year for you! I look forward to sharing it with you from across the pacific! xo


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