Nutty nog

the spices

I was going to hold out on providing my latest festive recipes until the week before Christmas but I’ve decided to start sharing now, given that we are within two weeks of the day and this is post #200 [pretty cool, huh?].

This recipe is the decadent version of my almond milk, and the result of smell memory and usual suspects and a very specific 2-weeks-ago craving. I am pleased to report that it worked exactly as desired on my first attempt.

Recipe #125: Nutty Nog. To make this recipe, you need a Thermomix (TM), decent blender or food processor, and a nut milk bag and/or fine strainer (chinois). Makes enough for one person over several sittings, or you can share it with 3 others if you really want to.

You will need:
► 3 cups of almonds, soaked for 2 days then drained (rinsing the almonds and changing the soaking water at least once per day)
► 750g water [1g is approx. equivalent to 1mL, but I weighed my water rather than measuring its volume]
► 1 star anise
► 4 cloves
► 1 generous shaving of nutmeg
► 1 stick cinnamon
► 1 vanilla pod [use the pod only; scrape the seeds from the inside and use them in something else]
► ¼ cup of panela [= evaporated cane syrup. You could use another sweetener in its place, like agave or maple syrup; add a little at a time so as not to oversweeten]
► 1 pinch salt

First, make the nut milk. Blend together the pre-soaked almonds and water [TM: 30 seconds on speed 8, then 30 seconds on speed 10]. Strain through a nut milk bag.

This is where the instructions diverge:

  1. If you happen to have a Thermomix, pour the nut milk back into the TM bowl with all other ingredients. Set to 37°C, reverse speed and speed 2 for 5 minutes; or
    nut milk, in the process of being imbued
  2. If you don’t have a Thermomix, set up a double boiler, and pour in the nut milk. Add the other ingredients and heat, stirring frequently, until the surface just starts to steam, then remove from the heat. Let it sit for 10 mins.

Strain, using a fine chinois or nut milk bag, then serve immediately.

super yummy deliciousness

Be bold and try your own variations on the theme. After I created my version, I read other recipes that called for olive oil, which apparently creates an even creamier texture. While this sounds great, I am hooked on my original recipe for now.

yeah, that's the nog

Although this will store in the fridge for up to 3 days, it tastes best when made fresh and warm. I hope you like it.

H 🙂

If you would like to come along to my Christmas Uncooked class in Perth on 14 December, there is still a place for you. I would love to see you there!



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