Guest Post 4: Mango & Avocado Salad by Joshua Jones

I am so excited to introduce my latest guest post — a delicious recipe by my very talented friend Josh. I am so proud of him for managing to stave off hunger for just long enough to take the accompanying photos!

I know that you will enjoy this post as much for the reading as you will for the eating.

H 🙂


Mango & Avocado Salad
by guest blogger Joshua Jones –

Hopefully after reading the previous blog post about iron filings in cereal you’re feeling more committed than ever to avoiding processed foods. I certainly am! So I’m going to share a simple but delicious salad recipe that has become a favourite raw recipe of mine at home, bearing in mind that my skills with raw cooking are very basic, as may be yours (although Hannah’s certainly are not!).

A little preamble though so you know who I am.

My name’s Josh and I’m an old friend of Hannah’s from Perth who moved to LA this year after 2.5 years in London. I’m a professional musician and aspiring writer/poet, and I like to cook – although I would not go as far as far as saying I’m great at it. I can hold my own next to most men though ;). I just like things to be quick, easy, tasty and healthy.

Although I’ve come from a very healthy eating household I’ve strived to be more food aware. Hannah has had a particular hand in this and I like to venture to raw and vegan restaurants whenever possible, and in LA there is quite a selection of these.

Here are photos from some of my favourites:

Planet Raw

Joshua Jones at Planet Raw

Rawvolution – this is their Nachos

Rawvolution's Raw Nachos

Real Food Daily (Sam and I’s fav — a Vegan Restaurant)

Real Food Daily Vegan Restaurant Santa Monica

I encourage everyone to try a raw or vegan restaurant whenever you get the chance. I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, have no life-threatening allergies and do not eat strictly raw or even strictly unprocessed (“How does it feel sitting on that fence, Josh?” I hear you say) but what I really love about raw food is how you feel afterwards — satisfied and healthy, not bloated and slightly nauseous.

So here’s my first port of call at home for a healthy meal that I always feel great after. It’s not entirely raw but can be if you substitute out the prawns. Get creative with it!

Recipe #120: Mango & Avocado Salad.


1 butter lettuce
2 mangos (cut into large cubes)
2 avocados (firm, also cubed to a similar size as the mango)
3 spring onions (scallions in the US), chopped
Large bunch of fresh coriander (cilantro in the US), chopped coarsely
1 chili (red or green, depending on preferred zing. I remove all seeds so it’s not too hot)

The juice of one fresh 1 lime
Roughly 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp palm sugar, grated into crystals (you can use other sugar if this is easier)
A dozen large prawns (optional, substitute at will)

Preparation (10-15 minutes):

Juice the lime and add roughly an equal amount of the oil as you have juice. Add the sugar to that and stir briskly to combine. Put aside so the sugar can dissolve further.

Prepare the rest of the ingredients and throw them into a large bowl.

Fry –- sorry, Hannah 😉 –- prawns on high heat, possibly in a little butter, but that’s optional. I sometimes use tofu, but you could use a meat product or even leave this out entirely. Some sort of protein addition is a good idea though.

Throw your choice of protein in with the salad. Give your dressing a stir and pour your desired amount of dressing over the salad.


Enjoy with clear conscience and cheering taste buds.



    • It’s one of my favourite combinations too – especially with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, red onion, and a lot of cilantro (coriander leaves) and olive oil! Mmm…lunch…

      H 🙂


  1. Mmmmm, yum! I have only just embarked on a journey to go gluten-free (and possibly dairy and eggs for a while too) in the hope that it will help my son overcome eczema. So this recipe will be sure to be in rotation once the mangoes start appearing at the markets. I love your criteria Joshua – ‘quick, easy, tasty and healthy.’ yes please!


  2. Woow that salad looks so delicious, I personally love avocado and mango, but haven’t tried combining them. This one’s a must-try salad. I love the color combination but instead of shrimp what you think would be great to mix in the salad?


  3. If you shell the prawns and marinate in the lime juice they will “cure” (think ceviche)
    then they are are not raw but not “heat” cooked.


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