Vegetables from outer space

If you asked David Wolfe about vegetables from outer space, he would probably talk about mushrooms — but that’s not what this post is about.

my fruit-(and vegie-)ful markets haul

This photo represents my latest markets purchases. Do you recognise everything you see? Up until a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have.

The alien-looking purple and green vegetables in the middle of the screen are both kohlrabi, which is in season now.

Kohlrabi is related to cabbage and kale and tastes like radish-infused broccoli stem, with a crunchy texture. You can eat it roasted, steamed, in soup (as you would use a turnip), and you can use both the bulb and leaves sliced finely in salads.

Aside from its versatility, this strange-looking vegetable boasts a treasure trove of health benefits. Kohlrabi is high in vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium, and it is purported to address poor circulation and blood sugar imbalances. Oh, and it also contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

Winter is an exciting time for Perth produce and you can read the lowdown on what’s coming up by checking out fruit and veg guides like this one.

Eating local, preferably organic food that is in season boasts many benefits, including freshness (and, hence, nutrient value), superior taste and lower food miles. You can find more excellent personal, socio-economic and environmental reasons for eating local on sites such as life begins @ 30 and

Why not try something new (and seasonal) this week?

H 🙂

PS. Gratuitous plug: just in case you are teetering on the edge of attendance, there is a place left for you at both my Winter Savouries (14 June) and Chocolate Cravings (21 June) uncooking classes. I hope to see you there!



  1. Hi Hannah. I LOVE your blog. Stumbled across you through the H2G SuperJam comp comments. You have some great looking recipes on here! We only discovered Kohlrabi last year through our co-op and it is AMAZING! It’s become one of my favourite winter veggies. I love to make crispy kohlrabi leaves as a wintery afternoon snack. Delicious! Great to meet you and stumble across your blog 🙂


    • Thanks for your thoughts & feedback, indigomumma. Each season I discover something new, and each new discovery brings fresh inspiration. It’s all very exciting!

      H 🙂


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