How I fell off the wagon and got back on again

my chia delight

Over the last few weeks, I allowed my day job to consume me.

By this I mean late nights and early mornings, little time for others and self, no time for food preparation, no exercise, insufficient water, lots of coffee. For me, this leads to low raw consumption and cravings for high fat / high calorie food and meat.

venison chorizo & gruyere with butter and crackers

After just one week of living like this, I realised what was happening to me – I was getting sick. My flu lasted only a few days and gave me just enough time to regroup and notice what I was doing to myself by not looking after me.

I didn’t beat myself up. I took stock and I took some time out by getting outside of mobile range for a couple of days. I looked at why this was happening and what I really wanted from life; what I wanted was the happy, energised me that I love to be around.

I have been hauling myself out of my rut with water, daily green juice and superfood smoothies (as meals), chia porridge [Gina@inkyed > if you are reading, chia porridge is a nutritious and delicious soft food that can also be made into a pudding with a few small modifications], and I discovered a 9-minute extreme cardio workout with thanks to J [check out Six-Pack Shortcuts for more on how to optimise your workouts].

Oh, and I’ve been smiling and laughing every single day 🙂

you can tell I really love this chia porridge, right?

My key learnings (reminders) are these:

  • I feel great about myself and life in general when my energy levels are high – plus I am so much more productive.
  • When my energy levels are low, I attract less positive energy. Less in life goes my way and I find it harder to cope when life is challenging.
  • I need to look after myself before I can look after others.
  • To be my best version of me, I need to eat 75+% raw food, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, get regular sunshine, rest (which can mean meditation and personal space rather than simply sleep), spend quality time with loved ones, and choose a positive, open attitude each day.
  • I accept responsibility for my wellness and energy, and this means taking the time to reset my priorities and habits every so often.

I lose touch with my wellness and being when I put another aspect of life before me. Of course, there are times when I need to spend some focused time on one priority over others (and the last month represents one such time!), and my recent periods of illness and holidays have given me excellent opportunities to reflect on the balance in my life.

This balance varies for everyone. We all hold different aspects of life dear. Stay true to what you know is best for you and all goodness will follow.

Wishing you a happy, safe and balanced weekend,

H 🙂


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