The way I see it

I hope you all enjoyed my minty lollipops! They were lovely fun to make, eat and give away. Since publishing this post, I received some great comments about the photos in a very foodly diary.

When I get this kind of feedback, it reminds me that a good photo doesn’t necessarily require perfection, complication or a whizzbang SLR camera to elicit an emotional response [although if anyone is looking for birthday present ideas…]. Unless otherwise stated, my photos are taken with my iPhone 3GS or my Canon IXUS 860IS.

I saw the sign

Something else you should know is that I don’t really style my shots. Sure, I might nudge a fork here or place a leaf strategically there but, more often than not, I photograph what I see as I encounter it. My images result from choosing the angles I like best, in the best possible natural light. And, as a user of MS Office Picture Manager solely, my photo editing is basic.

In the same way that not every idea I have makes it to my blog, neither does every photo. Even though a picture might capture my heart, it may be too imperfect or too dark or too obscure. So this blog post is a place for some strange favourites and their back stories.


My little one started plucking chillis from our garden and I asked him to stop. I told him that we didn’t need them now, that we could eat them later if he left them there. He responded, “But we do need them now. We need them for our dinner.” How could I argue with that? I let him pick a few more then he dropped them upwards onto the chopping block he can barely reach, where there were coffee grounds and beetroot stains and pots and spoons.

strange fruit

I love the glorious mess that comes with everything chocolate. After a dinner party with two of my favourite people early last year, we desserted on MYO Valrhona truffles and I was still cleaning Dutch cocoa powder from the table and floor two days later.

MYO choc truffles yum yum

To prepare your own version, prepare a batch of ganache and chill it completely in the fridge. Serve to guests with teaspoons (for scooping), cacao nibs or crushed nuts (that they can press the ganache into; for crunch), and cocoa powder (for dusting).

The next photo is the aftermath of a raw chocolate-making session. I am showing you this photo even though it didn’t capture all that was in my imaginings. With all the melted drippings and food utensils strewn, it looked to me like the macabre remnants of a food-related torture. Death by chocolate, perhaps?

a sticky end

When I see a perfectly poached egg, I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. So here is an egg, poached in homemade baked beans, with buttery stoneground wholemeal bread on the side.

eggs and beans

Just before I served my poached eggs and beans, we enjoyed a pink grapefruit between us as well as a goji-blueberry smoothie [ingredients: 1 banana, two handfuls each of goji berries (presoaked) and blueberries, 1 tsp maca powder, 1 handful almonds, 2 cups of water, bee pollen to serve]. And just after this photo was taken, we sat back with a freshly brewed coffee. I was very happy.

Finally, this is my little person, when he was a bit littler, using his green smoothie as a face mask as well as a nutritious drink. Such a natural innovator.

little one loves to wear his green smoothie

While others might see only sustenance when they look at food, what I see is an emotion, an experience, a just-was or a could-be.

just eaten

What do you see?

H 🙂



  1. That’s great that your little one wanted to pick chiils for you. How funny. Also, I love the pictures, It tells the story. I love anythign mint so the minty lollipops I’m sure I would have liked.


    • Thanks so much for your comment. My little one is very helpful in the kitchen and garden – especially when there is the promise of something good to eat!

      H 🙂


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