Minty delicious

These treelike sweets are the fruits of my latest experiment, which was not so much an experiment as a series of tweaks.

minty trees

In my previous post, I talked about the yummy cacao mint swirl that wasn’t quite minty enough for me. After scouring my Matthew Kenney cookbooks, I found a base recipe for cacao mint cremes in Everyday Raw Desserts — and I set out to make the best mint pattie ever! And then cover it with cacao nibs. And then make it into a lollipop. And then chocolate-coat it. And then eat it, over and over again…

Warning: this recipe is so moreish that you may not have many left to share at the end of the day.

Recipe #116: Choc-coated mint patties. Makes a lot. I made ~50. As always, the ingredients used are raw and organic. You will need a food processor or Thermomix for this recipe.

You will need — for the filling:
► 1½ cups of macadamia nuts
► ½ cup of coconut oil
► ½ cup of fresh mint leaves
► 3½ tsp peppermint extract
► 1 pinch of finely ground salt
► ¾ cup of agave syrup
► seeds from ½ of a vanilla pod
► 1 tsp spirulina [to make it green!]
► 1 cup coconut flour [or you can grind up some dessicated coconut if you can’t get hold of coconut flour]
► cacao nibs [optional; for added crunch]

For the chocolate coating, you will need a freshly melted quantity of raw chocolate.

melted raw chocolate yumness

To make the filling, process the macadamias in a food processor or Thermomix until they make a fine meal. Add all other ingredients bar the coconut flour, then process until fine. Taste the mixture and add more agave syrup or peppermint oil if desired. Finally, add the coconut flour and process until well combined.

Roll the mixture in some cling wrap to form a log, and refrigerate for around 30 minutes. While hard, slice the mixture into medallions, then lay these on a tray and press cacao nibs into the minty layers.

minty medallions

You can either coat the patties as they are or, to create the lollipop version, carefully skewer the medallions with wooden sticks/skewers to create tasty after dinner treats with a twist. Either way, you will need to freeze your patties before coating them in chocolate and you can make the chocolate while you wait for this to happen.

Once the medallions are frozen solid, it’s time to smother them. As you turn the stick to coat the pattie, you will notice the chocolate begin to set.

chocolate coating

I would still place these back in the fridge for a few minutes…

the finished product

…just to make sure they are perfectly ready, then munch.



H 🙂



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