The Raw Kitchen

all wrapped up: mint cacao swirl

The Raw Kitchen‘s Fremantle Markets stall has been one of my weekend staples since my first foray into raw. Now Heath & Emma have established a funky cafe in Fremantle’s Piazza Arcade.

Where is it?
Shop 14 Piazza Arcade (across from The Pickled Fairy), Fremantle WA
ph: 0432 966 933 / 0409 323 441

What we ordered.
This was a family outing [thanks, Mum & Dad!] and each of our selections cost between $8.50 and $14.50, with the smoothies priced at $8-$8.50.

Mum was so rapt with her raw pizza slice ($8.50) and “Spice is Right” smoothie (spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, agave, almond milk, vanilla bean) that she offered multiple tastes to all and sundry.

rawlicious pizza

Dad devoured his raw pasta ($12.50; spiralised zucchini + a rich tomato sauce) and “Strawberry Sip” smoothie pretty quickly…

zucchini pasta

…though I did manage to pilfer a mouthful before it disappeared.

just a taste

I arrived at the cafe still in want of my morning coffee, so I felt compelled to order the “Morning Glory” smoothie, with its blend of coffee, cacao, banana, maca, agave and almond milk. I coupled this with an entree-sized serving of nachos ($14.50) and was filled with instant happy.

my nachos were the bee's knees

Little one was more than sated with his “Strawberry Sip” — but that didn’t stop him from sneaking tidbits off every other plate!

the strawberry sip

The glass straws were a quaint touch and I am sure they made the smoothies more sumptuous.

All good!
I don’t have any complaints about this little adventure. Although I would have preferred more mint in my mint cacao swirl [I love bold flavours! In terms of price, I think it was $3.80], it hit the spot and I would order it again.

display cabinet full of raw goodies

I urge you to visit, especially if you are a rawfood skeptic. And if you are new to raw, The Raw Kitchen’s offerings are a fabulous introduction.

It’s hard to believe that something so good for you can be so darned flavoursome.

H πŸ™‚



  1. Raw Kitchen have a stall at the Twilight Hawker Markets in Forrest Chase on Friday nights in March. It was my first foray into raw food. I tried a slice of their pizza and was surprised at how tasty it was. I especially liked the crust, it was very flavoursome.


    • Brilliant! Thanks for letting me know, Apex.

      The Raw Kitchen’s pizza was the first raw pizza I had ever tasted, and their creations continue to inspire me. Have you tried any of their other menu items?

      H πŸ™‚


      • Well later on in the night I had a piece of their chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It was lovely and rich. I am thinking of taking an raw chocolate making class one day. Raw chocolate tastes amazing and I don’t feel bad about indulging because its good for you!

        Will have to head into Freo soon and visit the Raw Kitchen and try some of their other dishes.


  2. Thanks for reporting back, Apex! Their chocolate cheesecake is divine.

    Incidentally, I will be running a decadent desserts class (which includes raw chocolate-making!) sometime in April/May; keep an eye on for more details.

    If not at my class, I may see you at The Raw Kitchen sometime soon!

    H πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Hannah!

    I am friends with Conor (Hold the Beef) and she mentioned you to me a fair while ago.

    I must admit I hadn’t checked out your website til tonight. I LOVE IT! I feel you are a lot like me, I love Em and Heath too tho I haven’t checked out this new venture of theirs yet. But their banana smoothie has rocked my world a few times and I’ve been to a talk that Heath put on.

    I run Wellness WA which is a webby dedicated to all things beauty, health and wellbeing in Perth/WA πŸ™‚

    I would love to interview you for our ‘beauty and wellbeing questionnaire’ section. Check it out here:

    Anyway just wanted to say I love what you are doing, and I’ve just started following you on Facebook and am going to be linking to you on my site from now on!

    Hope to hear from you! πŸ™‚ xo


    • Thanks for stopping by & commenting, Annette πŸ™‚ Conor is so lovely, isn’t she?

      I would love to link in to Wellness WA – via website & interview. This reply is going to look like a bit of a love-in; I also think your site is fabulous!

      Please do visit The Raw Kitchen’s new cafe soon [I may just see you there!] and I look forward to being in touch,

      H πŸ™‚

      PS. Incidentally, I just became Wellness WA fb site’s 1,111th liker!


  4. Hi again!

    I’ve just written you an email so you’ll see that soon. Yay! I’m glad you love what we are doing, and thank you so much for joining the Facebook page:-)

    I need to repeat this mantra every day:


    Maybe then I’ll get down there!



  5. I visited the Raw Kitchen today and it is awesome – I loved the Morning Glory smoothie, we had the raw pizza, the raw flat bread sandwich, carrot salad and chocolate cheesecake – everything was absolutely divine!


    • Thanks for your comment, Angie! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it. At the moment, The Raw Kitchen is my favourite place to go for a tasty & healthy Sunday lunch.

      H πŸ™‚


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