I heart hearts

First, a disclaimer: although made from whole and organic ingredients, this post is about a recipe unraw and high calorie.

heart-shaped choc

As per usual, there is a backstory to this creation. It all started over a week ago, when I was inventing my very own satay sauce from scratch.

I crushed and cooked 200g peanuts (home-roasted) with a handful of macadamias, garlic, lemongrass (1.5 stalks), ginger (2 generous slices), 3 whole birdseye chillis, several shavings of fresh turmeric, a teaspoon of tamarind paste, 1 tsp cumin seeds, the roots and stalks from 2 coriander plants, the juice of half a lime, tamari, 150g brown sugar plus extra coconut sugar, some macadamia oil. The mixture didn’t look wet enough, so I added lashings of coconut oil to the mix.

The end result was buttery — more like a salted chilli peanut caramel than satay sauce. I just knew I would have to coat it in chocolate. So I did. In little heart-shaped portions, made possible by silicon icecube trays from IKEA.

i heart chocolate

Please don’t judge me for using premade dark chocolate [yes, the roasted, sugar-laden variety]; it was the first time I had spotted Lindt couverture chocolate, in its cute little hexagons, and I was swept away with the symmetry.

hexagonal cou(ve)ture

The chocolate cases took longer than expected, owing mostly to the fact that the spoon I used was too big for the moulds.

making the chocolate cases took loving effort

These morsels might look small, but it’s a challenge to eat more than two in one sitting — especially when you are used to raw chocolate! They are a good reminder that using organic and unprocessed ingredients doesn’t necessarily render a healthy end product.

And, for the curious, here is what the little hearts look like on the inside:

Fudgy delicious and most definitely a sometimes food.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful readers. I hope your day is filled with romance and decadence in equal parts.

H 🙂

Addendum of 21 February 2011: I can’t believe I forgot two key ingredients! That’s what happens when you don’t write your ‘recipe’ down. Cumin & coriander now feature above 🙂



  1. What a wonderful journey. To start our making satay sauce and end up with a chocolate delight…my kind of journey! A roadmap could not have produced a better outcome for all the chocolate lovers out there. IKEA would be proud.


    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Susan! They were great fun to make, and I really enjoyed giving away my hearts to friends & family on Valentine’s Day.

      H 🙂


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