Watermelon sorbet

Watermelon. Pepper. Mint. Together. Seriously. Good.

my sorbet

I have to admit to being a little inspired by my friend Annie again. You may remember her from my pink peppercorn icecream experiment. This time, I had sorbet on my mind. My latest shipment of pink peppercorns did not arrive quite in time for my Tuppenjessence party* so, with 15 eager mouths to impress, I had to improvise. I was very happy with the result.

mixed peppercorns

Note that you will need to freeze the watermelon into cubes (as small and uniform as you can be bothered cutting them) at least the night beforehand; this translates to less sweetener and no ice.

Recipe #114: Peppered watermelon & mint sorbet. Makes more than enough for 15 dodgy quenelles, or 8 decent scoops.

You will need:
► 2 scant tsp peppercorns of any (or every) colour [you can even add more, if you really like your pepper]
► 1 decent pinch salt
► 2 tbsp coconut sugar
► a good handful of fresh mint
► 600g frozen watermelon [the riper, the better]
► agave syrup [to taste]

The method I have outlined is for Thermomix only — and it takes less than a minute if you have all ingredients to hand! You may also be able to make this sorbet in a food processor or Vitamix.

To make the sorbet:
1. Grind the dry ingredients on speed 8 for 15-20 seconds.
2. Add the mint & frozen watermelon, then pulverise on speed 7 for 20-25 seconds.
3. Taste. Add a swirl of agave syrup if you need more sweetness. Pulse for a few seconds & taste again. It’s really good, right?

This may sound like an awkward combination, and you can reduce or remove the pepper if you like, but I love it. Especially when accompanied by a glass of Lancaster liqueur muscat.

Next time, I think I’ll be more adventurous and try a true savoury combination. My mind is aswim with the possibilities. Capri salad sorbet, anyone…?

H 🙂

PS. I am a little bit in love with my new banner [thank you to the awesome designers at Launchpad Creative!]. What do you think?

*Tuppenjessence party — a combined Tupperware, Enjo and MiEssence party in one. It was fabulous.



  1. As I was at your Tuppenjessence party, I was very blessed to taste this for myself.

    Two words…… MMM MMM!!!!

    This sorbet was absolutely delish! The flavours complimented each other so well – the peppercorn had an astounding, giving the taste an extra dimension.


    (ps. loving the new banner)


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