Happy birthday to me!

gratuitous photo from a lunch I had a while back ;)

a very foodly diary turns 2 today, can you believe it? I can! The last year has been fabulous and tumultuous at once, and I am superexcited about Year 3.

I thought that I would mark the occasion in a similar style to my 1-year birthday — by creating a list of my Top 10 posts (by number of visitors) for Year 2:

  1. Guest Post 3: A craving for flourless orange, coconut and almond cake – a very excellent post by the very brilliant Adrianne;
  2. 10 things you can do with ganache – a September 2009 post which was also at the top of last year’s Top 10 list. Well done, choc ganache!
  3. Lemon tart – the dessert that says what it is. It’s lemony and it’s tarty;
  4. ‘B’ is for Beetroot – another 2009 post;
  5. Pepper steak pies – comfort food for meat lovers;
  6. The Fantastic Mrs. S – one of my favourite places for a lazy coffee;
  7. What do you do with leftover egg whites? – my 2009 post on biscotti;
  8. It’s all about the chocolate, Part 2 – featuring Rochelle’s chocolate macaroons and my first foray into raw chocolate;
  9. It’s all about the chocolate, Part 1 – the post that marked the start of my chocolate-from-scratch experiments. It was #7 on last year’s Top 10; and
  10. My raw food epiphany – marking the start of my raw food journey.

…and, although these 2010 posts weren’t quite as popular, I loved them so much that I wanted to feature them anyway:

H 🙂



  1. Happy Birthday veryfoodlydiary!!! I love salivating over your scrumptious pictures of food and promise to try more recipes in year 3! Hopefully I will have my own thermomix in a few weeks. Tell your creator, Hannah, that I said “Hi”.


  2. A little belated, but happy blog birthday to you! Year 2 is going to be hard to top, seeing as I got to meet you AND eat your food.

    Oh and seeing as I’ve left it this late to comment, it’s time to also say Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái! Or Gung Hay Fat Choy! Or whatever other variation there is!


  3. I remember the lemon tart recipe. I actually made it a couple of times, but leaving off the candies and adding a bit more lemon. I think it is time to whip up another couple!

    Happy Birthday!


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