After the party

I am happy to report that my business launch (aka “thank you party”) ran hitchfree on Thursday, 2 December. Thank you to the 100-ish people who were there to support me and enjoy an evening of world-class jazz.

my raw sample pack

What it’s all about. A Foodly Affair‘s reason for being is conscious eating, and its services (food coaching, consulting, classes, catering) reflect the belief that your food will treat you well when you respect what you eat.

Everything you put into your body makes a fundamental difference to self, and food must be considered in a balanced and holistic way, not only for your body (sensory pleasure, function, physical and mental health) but also for the world around you.

As well as joining my mailing list and subscribing to my blog, you can now connect to A Foodly Affair via Facebook [now: A Very Foodly Diary] and Twitter.

What we ate. To showcase raw food, I made 120 sample packs of raw delights, including:

raw chocolate pastilles

What we drank. At the launch, we enjoyed organic wines and ciders by Mountford Estate, including the 2002 Reserve Pinot Noir, 2002 Reserve Chardonnay, 2009 Tangletoe Cider and the Soft Cider (non-alcoholic).

What we listened to. Accompanying the dulcet tones of Elle Deslandes, illustrious graphic designer and jazz vocalist extraordinaire, were the amazingly talented Graham Wood (piano), Matt Willis (double bass) and Chris Tarr (drums).

While the launch party may be over, I know that the fun is just beginning.

H 🙂



  1. A truly fabulous night Hannah! I met some great people there too, so thanks for expanding my social network 😀

    LOVED the food and wine, truly I did. I think I could have eaten a dozen of your smoodgy coconut balls.


  2. Conor – thank you, and I can’t believe something so simple (the smoodgy coconut balls) were such a hit. That’s a good learning for me.

    Tenina – thanks so much for your lovely comment! I am excited.

    H 🙂


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