The Fantastic Mrs. S

Maylands is building up quite a portfolio of excellent places to drink coffee on the other side of the tracks.

my short macchiato

It started with Milkd, then the fabulous Sherbert, and now Mrs. S has joined the party. We breakfasted at Mrs. S on Saturday morning, on her fourth day of business, and we were not disappointed.

Mrs. S is located on the corner of Whatley Crescent & Eighth Avenue, Maylands. The decor is retro-chic, the bowls (or scales) of wrapped candy are real, the cookbooks dotted around the establishment are for sale, and the service is friendly and attentive.

inside the establishment

Although the menu is limited (and only for now — recruitment of kitchen staff is not yet complete), it satisfies and the coffee is very good.

almond croissant

Our entree was the almond croissant that we devoured in dainty portions, like a miniature cake.

M ordered the toasted ham and cheese sandwich;

Matt's toasted sandwich

I opted for the olive tapenade toast with its avocado, grilled tomatoes, coriander and spring onion. So fresh and tasty, it was the most raw option on the menu and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

olive tapenade toast

I can see this becoming a favourite cafe for us to while away lazy Saturdays with a bite to eat, a cryptic crossword and a pot of peppermint tea. I highly recommend it now; I look forward to sampling what it will be.

H 🙂



  1. H…you beat me to it!
    I sawthem setting upafew weeks back…very exciting lokking….Maylands is on the food mapat last with this and Sherbet!!!! Going tomorrow morning to check it out.


      • WellI got there thismornig and opted for”Matt’s Chioce” and waht a grat choice it is Real cheese and fresh ham …yum…I had a pot of Earl Grey tea which was very satifying too…is tomorrow too early to go back…mmmm????

        PS I rold the owner the shop had been reccomended which made her very happy…I think she can do with some support from her patrons at these early stages….


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