C is for Cruciferous

‘C’ was going to stand for cauliflower, then I got carried away and put cabbage and broccoli into the mix, and ended up with a superbly good-for-you cruciferous salad.

serving up the cruciferous salad

Cruciferous vegetables, which also include bok choy, radishes and kale, are cancer busters; the phytochemicals in these vegetables stimulate the breakdown of potential carcinogens, as well as being great for your body in many other ways. Broccoli, for example, is antiviral, antiulcer and a good source of vitamin C, folate, beta carotene and calcium.

Recipe #111: Cruciferous salad with avocado mayonnaise.

You will need — for the salad:
► 1 big clove of garlic
► 1 small handful of flatleaf parsley
► ½ head of cauliflower
► ¼ large savoy or Chinese cabbage
► 1 head of broccoli
► ½ tsp salt

Chop all ingredients finely by pulsing a food processor, Thermomix or really good blender. Alternatively, you could spend a few minutes chopping everything with a sharp knife.

You will need — for the mayonnaise:
► 1 small clove of garlic
► juice of 1 lemon
► 1 avocado
► 1 tbsp honey
► 1 good swirl of olive oil
► 1 cup cashews, soaked in cold water for at least an hour
► salt, to taste

Strain the soaking water from the cashews and process/blend all ingredients together until smooth > add some fresh water if it doesn’t process easily. Taste, then add more salt, lemon juice or olive oil if needed.

You will end up with a tangy spread that tastes similar to mayonnaise, but with added goodness.

the delightfully light avocado mayonnaise

If you don’t like the thought of eating this meal by itself, the salad and mayonnaise can be eaten as a side dish or used in wraps with other fillings, like greens, sundried tomato, red onion, beetroot salad and chilli.


H 🙂



  1. I can’t express enough love for your super-healthy, super yummy recipes. They inspire me to stay committed to the healthy eating that I not only love but know is best for my health, yet is so easily let slip to the wayside.

    Keep up your great work Hannah! If everyone took notice of http://www.afoodlyaffair.com there would be a load taken off our health care system and we’d all have piles more energy and positivity. When I put it like that it sounds like A Foodly Affair could change the world. I hope it does – while it continues to change me. xxx


    • Josh, a pleasure as always 🙂

      I get really excited when I learn that people are actually trying these recipes for themselves, and starting to take more responsibility for what goes into (and on with) their bodies. This bodes well not only for self but for environment as well.

      Thanks for the positive feedback – and keep up the healthy eating!

      H 🙂


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