the ma po - lid on

It’s been a long time between posts but I have a really excellent excuse: I have been working on my first foodly e-book! Well, that and the fact that I recently spent some quality time on my favourite beach (of the Cable variety :)).

You may be pleased to note, as was I, that a decent macchiato is now to be had at a number of fine Broome establishments, including Kool Spot (the old Blooms Cafe).

Kool Spot coffee

I also enjoyed a long macchiato from Town Beach Cafe, a venue with a particularly terrible view, as you will see from the photo below:

the very lovely Town Beach Cafe - now with water park!

I have so many other foodly highlights to share from my recent trip, which was definitely a diversion from raw and which is condensed here into a few short sentences.

The Bircher muesli from The Old Zoo Cafe was just what I needed after a night of gluten and cheese.

Kool Spot‘s stuffed field mushrooms and ma po tofu hit the brunch spot to a T, and I give Liz and Vinca much love and kudos for making me a delicious green salad from scratch even though it wasn’t on the menu.

the ma po - delidded

Noodlefish‘s som tum (green papaya salad) was just as moreish as I remembered it, although I did miss the water spinach which had disappeared from the menu since my last visit.

Incidentally, I ate the som tum from Chinatown’s Som Thai for two lunches in a row. I was not hugely impressed when I first laid eyes on it — but, on the eating, I have to admit that it was also pretty good.

Amazingly, it was little one who led the charge for juice each day, and the Shady Lane Cafe (in Chinatown) met that need. I really needed that hit of goodness after treating my body to a little too much richness and sugar.

I highly recommend the Aarli Bar for its excellent service, menu options and affable staff.

Finally, Cafe Carlotta gave us amazing woodfired pizzas and pastas (as expected, and in spite of the change of ownership), a great attitude to children, and a lovely selection of wines. We matched the wine list’s rioja to our meal and it proved a perfect pairing.

Cafe Carlotta's fabulous pumpkin, walnut & blue cheese pizza

I haven’t been able to get Broome out of my blood since I moved back to Perth over five years ago. This whirlwind visit was only a quick fix and I know I must return soon.

And, as for my e-book? You should expect that to come out in the new year. Very exciting stuff indeed!

H 🙂



    • With all the cheap flights being offered by various airlines, you must get to Broome, Conor!

      I love Broome on the cusp of the wet season – most cafes/restaurants are still open & you don’t have so many people to contend with.

      Thanks for the interest in my e-book. It’s looking awesome & I am very excited about it too!

      H 🙂


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