And sometimes when you experiment the most beautiful things happen

double decker chocolate

I call this my double decker chocolate — because it is a layered bar of raw chocolate. Two layers of colour. Two textures: crisp shell with soft centre. Two flavours: rich dark chocolate and zesty lemon.

The bands of colour were deliberate. I also meant to create harmonious but separate flavours. The soft centre was a happy accident.

naked chocolates

I get a real buzz from these serendipitous events. Even though I know others have discovered these flavours and food reactions before me, I am doing this from scratch, for myself and I feel like a pioneer.

I still have so much to learn and that realisation absolutely excites me!

gift wrapped goodness

I think I will be adding one of these to everyone’s Christmas hampers this year.

H 🙂



  1. Hi Hannah,

    I love love love your blog and am a follower of Raw Food Karen myself (though I am definitely not 100% raw commitmed). How do you make these, they look amazing!


    • You are so sweet! Thank you for your lovely comment, Hayley.

      To make these bars, make my raw chocolate recipe minus the coconut oil, then combine lemon zest, agave syrup & cacao butter for the lemon layer. I’m still experimenting with ingredient quantities and the best mould to use.

      H 🙂


    • Ah, but if I put all of my recipes to paper there would be nothing left for my recipe book!

      [That and the fact that I don’t have the quantities down pat just yet.]

      H 🙂


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