Accidentally molecular

So this is what tomato sauce looks like.

molecularised tomato paste

Or, rather, this is what three large tomatoes blended with some garlic, dried sage, salt and pepper look like when over-aerated in the Thermomix then dehydrated for so long that the frothy mixture is turned into one massive, fibrous wafer. Way cool.

And did I mention it is also delicious? The flavour is concentrated and pure; rich and full of umami.

I had felt a brief pang of disappointment when I opened my dehydrator to find a solid sheet in place of the beautifully thick sauce I was expecting. It took mere moments, however, to realise that I could use a tomato wafer in so many awesome ways.

For example, instead of adding tomato sauce to a pizza base and adding cheese to the topping, I spread cashew nut “cheese” onto the base and sprinkled tomato sauce flakes over the top.


Sometimes it is the unplanned outcomes that lead to the most innovative dishes.

What I used for the dehydrated pizza base: walnuts; flaxseed; tomatoes; onion; garlic; dried sage; salt.

What I used to top the pizza: cashew nut “cheese” spread; avocado; mushroom quarters marinated in tamari and macadamia oil; tomato sauce flakes; olives (from my driveway) that I cured then marinated in balsamic vinegar and herbs; shredded cavalo nero; flatleaf parsley leaves.

H πŸ™‚



  1. We appreciated this molecular experiment served up to us! It was great with the pizza.
    Thanks Hannah for deliciously creative food!!


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