The 4-week 100%-raw challenge comes to an end…

…or does it?

purple corn chips

I have endured exactly 3 cooked meals since the official end to my 100% raw challenge on 3 September. While most definitely tasty, each has left me feeling icky and gucky on the inside. So I have reached a conclusion: it’s just not worth it.

I think I will be raw for a while yet and, with so many awesome organic ingredients available in Perth and online, it’s actually pretty easy to manage.

First of all, I have to say that 4 weeks of 100% raw wasn’t difficult to keep to after experiencing 6 weeks of SCADGY followed by 4 weeks of an 80% raw and gluten-free diet. Something else that helped me along was the fact that I made a finite time commitment to my new way of eating; I could see light at the end of the tunnel!

sprouted pizza base

With the able assistance of Mac the Thermomix and Debbie the Dehydrator, I have marinated, blended, pulped and dried my way into a raw food routine, turning out such wondrous creations as purple corn chips with amaranth [pictured top], (sprouted) raw pizza bases [above], and ‘cheeses’ made of nuts [eg. on the slice of raw pizza, below].

raw pizza slice

I have lost and gained weight, changed body shape, faced my cravings head on, and had some interesting conversations. I am still having some interesting conversations.

I have become a certified Raw Food Coach, through Rawfood Karen’s Teach The World Raw, and experienced more than one “lightbulb” moment. And some incredible doors have opened up to me.

With my eating habits, I have challenged my thinking and my way of life. My mind and eyes have cleared, and I am full of an energy I used to know once upon a time.

Best of all, I have rekindled my child-like curiosity and that ages-old question of “why?”.

I realise that this post could equally be named “how to create a brand new eating pattern”, and it goes a little something like this:

  • set yourself a 4-week goal and, as much as anything else, put love into the food you eat and prepare, then
  • at the end of the 4 weeks, if your new foodly philosophy fits, it’s for you;
  • if not, try something else or reconcile yourself with your old ways.

Your tastebuds will be renewed after 3 weeks and, as long as you can stick to the change for this long, you will have an excellent chance of starting afresh. For me, the big change (in consciousness, emotion, energy) came after 2 weeks of raw, just as other raw foodists told me it would.

So now it’s your turn. Go on. I dare you. Set yourself a 4-week challenge to improve just one aspect of your lifestyle and see how it treats you. And see how differently you treat the world.

H 🙂


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