The difference between red and purple

When I made my red cabbage and goji berry coleslaw the other day, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow. That’s really red.”

Then I made a salad out of beetroot, carrot and red onion. As it sat next to the coleslaw, I caught myself exclaiming, “Whoa! Now that is red!” and I realised that red cabbage is actually very purple. Not red. I think I would eat more red cabbage if it was marketed as purple cabbage.

my stacked salad - so full of delicious goodness!

Facile realisations aside, both salads were so fresh and delicious that I knew I would have to make a meal of them. The beetroot salad was simply 1 large beetroot (grated), 1 large carrot (grated) and about a quarter of a red onion (finely chopped), with a good pinch of salt and some lemon juice. The coleslaw recipe was only a little more complicated.

Recipe #103: Goji berry coleslaw. Serves 6+ as a side.

I used Mac, my Thermomix, to make my coleslaw. You could equally use a food processor or a knife, it may just take you longer than 5 minutes…

You will need:
► ½ small red cabbage, finely chopped
► 25g goji berries, finely chopped
► 50g almonds, finely chopped (to match the size of the cabbage)
► 1 big clove of garlic, very finely chopped
► 4 spring onions, finely chopped into rings
► 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
► 1 small handful of parsley, finely chopped
► 1 tsp salt
► juice of a small lemon
► a good swig of olive oil

The key to this coleslaw is having all ingredients chopped to roughly the same size — except for the spring onion rings and parsley leaves, which give a beautiful green contrast. Combine all of the ingredients well, with your hands or a spoon, and you’re done!

I served this as a layered salad with kale chips on the side. My goji coleslaw is stacked here with beetroot salad, crushed walnuts and a wild rice-fenugreek sprout dish that I love and hope to replicate [if only I could remember what I put into it!].

stacks of yumminess

I hope you like.

H 🙂



    • Good question, annieQ! I used a metal ring that I found for ~$5 at Kitchen Warehouse, however you could equally use a short section of PVC pipe. Hardware stores are awesome (& cheap!) places for culinary supplies.

      Remember to rub a little oil on the inside of your mould before you fill it, then compress your filling before pressing out, or the insides won’t fall out in a pretty way.

      H 🙂

      PS. Goji berries are fabulous; I love them as a snack with almonds and sunflower seeds.


    • Thanks for your comment, Robert.

      I used a stacking ring – a stainless steel cylinder with open ends. I believe they are available from most kitchen supply stores, but I think I got mind from Kitchen Warehouse in Perth.

      I hope this helps,

      H 🙂


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