Tomatoes & beetroot

the aftermath; quite artistic, really

I thought I would share a refreshing raw snack/side-dish recipe with you — one that’s quick and simple enough for you to try for yourself this weekend.

As I have mentioned before, raw beetroot is so delicious and incredibly good for you. I can not believe that the way we Australians usually see this amazing vegetable is cooked, drowned in vinegar and from a can.

Recipe #102: Stuffed tomatoes. If you use medium-sized tomatoes, you will fill 18-20 tomato halves with the beetroot stuffing.

You will need:
► 9-10 medium-sized tomatoes [or lots of large cherry tomatoes for a bite-sized version]
► 3 fresh beetroot
► ¼ small red onion
► small handful mint
► juice of ½ a lemon
► a really good swirl of olive oil
► salt

Start by prepping the tomatoes. Cut a lid in each tomato that is big enough to fit a teaspoon into, then use a teaspoon to dig out the seeds. I also used a knife to help me through any tough parts on the inside of the tomato. Set your tomato shells to one side.
> Don’t waste the tomato innards! You can use them in other recipes (eg. soups, stuffings).

To make the filling, process (or Thermomix) together the rest of the ingredients until they reach a fine (grated) texture [remember: overprocessing = juice & pulp!], adding enough salt to taste. Finely chop the mint and stir it into the mixture.
> If you don’t have a food processor or Thermomix, you can grate the beetroot and onion and stir everything else in. Very easy and only marginally more time-consuming than using a foodprocessor or Thermomix.

Use a teaspoon to pack the beetroot filling into your tomatoes, and you are done!

the finished product

If you like, you can serve this with a nut cheese, such as Matthew Kenney’s cashew nut cheese (as featured in his book, Everyday Raw).

very good indeed


H 🙂


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