It’s so easy being green

You may already know that I my diet is 80% raw at the moment. In the few short days before I go 100% raw, I am enjoying a few ‘old faithful’ cooked meals.

gingered sesame fish

My dish of gingered sesame fish with garlified greens is tasty and healthy, making it very easy indeed to eat your greens.

Recipe #99: Garlified greens. Serves 4, as a side.

You will need:
► 2 tbsp coconut oil
► 6+ cloves garlic, finely chopped
► 4 slices of fresh ginger
► 1 bunch of kailan, stalks cut from leaves [or you could use another Asian leafy green, such as pak choy, choy sum, bok choy…]
► 1 bunch of broccolini, cut into inch-long pieces [or you could use broccoli florets]
► salt
► tamari sauce [or you could use soy, just go easy on the salt and be aware that most soy sauces contain wheat = not gluten free]
► sesame oil

You can use any vegetables you want in this recipe — and the greener, the better.

Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan or wok, over high heat. When the oil is liquid, add the garlic and ginger with a pinch of salt.

When the garlic begins to turn translucent, stir in the stalks of kailan and broccolini with another pinch of salt. Turn the heat to medium and place a lid over the pan for 30 seconds, or until the stalks are turning bright green.

Add the broccolini florets, then the kailan leaves with a swirl of tamari. Turn the leaves constantly in the pan until they wilt and the florets are bright green. Remove from the pan and place the greens in a serving dish.

Serve without the ginger slices, and with the slightest drizzle of sesame oil — remembering to use only a little, as sesame oil can be overpowering. Taste your dish; you may also want to add more salt.

garlified greens

After your greens are sitting pretty, you can start cooking your fish. Place a lid or some foil loosely over the greens and keep them to one side.

Recipe #100: Gingered sesame fish. Serves 4 rather disappointingly by itself; I would match this with garlified greens!

You will need:
► 4 fillets firm white-fleshed fish [I used Robinson sea perch, no skin; other options include snapper, orange roughy, dhufish, threadfin salmon]
► 12 slices of ginger (3 per fish fillet)
► 2 spring onions, finely sliced into matchstick-width strips
► macadamia oil
► salt
► 2 lemons, cut into wedges
► 1 tbsp coconut oil [you don’t need to use any if you have just cooked the greens — use the same pan without washing it]
► sesame oil
► sesame seeds [I use unhulled, as they have a nuttier taste and are higher in calcium]

I now prefer to cook with organic, raw coconut oil, as it is not meant to be readily denatured by the heating process. I also love to use macadamia oil, as it has a subtle nutty flavour.

Start by laying the ginger slices over a plate; place the fish fillets on top of the ginger, add the spring onions and drizzle with macadamia oil. If you like, you can complete this step, then leave the fish while you prepare the greens for cooking.

Heat the pan with coconut oil (or without the oil if you are cooking the fish immediately after the greens, in the same pan) on high heat. When the oil easily slides across the pan, lay the fish (with ginger, spring onion) in the pan. Squeeze over a couple of wedges of lemon. Cook the fish for around a minute, then turn the heat to medium.

Once the sides of the fish are white (no raw flesh showing), turn the fish over, squeeze over more lemon and cook for a further 1-4 minutes. This timing depends on the thickness of the fish. You are aiming for fish that is still a little springy once you remove the pan from the heat, as the fish will continue to cook even when removed from the heat.

Rest the cooked fish on a separate plate for about 2 minutes. I leave the ginger and cooked spring onions on the fish at this point, for flavour, however I would remove as much as possible before serving.

Serve with a few drips of sesame oil, a good squeeze of lemon, and a sprinkling of salt and sesame seeds. Delicious and nutritious.

beautiful fish, garlified greens


H 🙂

PS. If you like your fish, don’t forget about my crispy-skinned salmon recipe, which gives another, equally excellent option!


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