Black garlic

black garlic cloves

I don’t know about you but, for me, the more hype there is around a movie, the less likely I am to see it — at least until it comes out on DVD. [And I am irrationally proud of the fact that I still haven’t seen Titanic.]

This is the way that I felt about black garlic and, for me, its “DVD time” came about 5 weeks ago when I purchased my very own specimen from the Boatshed Market. At $2.99 for a single head of garlic, this was a luxury purchase.

Black garlic is no quirk of nature; rather, it is an Asian delicacy that has finally made its way to Australian shores. Whole websites are religiously dedicated to the glory of this recent culinary wonder [well, recent for Western palates: Wikipedia dates its inception to 2005] and I am sure it will feature more prominently on our menus in the future.

To make white garlic into black garlic, one must subject whole cloves of garlic to a heated ferment for 21 days. This effectively slowcooks the garlic to reveal a product that tastes sweetly pre-roasted. The end result is moreish and soft; the garlic threatens to break in your hands as you peel its shell away.

I converted my bulb into two very different dishes. First, I blended five of the cloves with freshly churned butter and spread it generously into a sliced loaf of bread. Black garlic bread. A milder take on the traditional version and a delicious novelty.

freshly churned

Even untoasted, this makes for a quick and tasty snack.

the new garlic bread

For the second recipe, I cut the remaining cloves (about 6) into thin slices and fried them lightly in a pan with macadamia oil. I then added tiny Swiss brown mushrooms and a good pinch of Maldon sea salt and cooked the mushrooms until they were glossy but not mushy. It was a simple and delightful dish that my tastebuds look forward to eating again soon.

My final verdict? Although far more expensive than regular garlic, I figured that this treat cost me less than a packet of rice cakes, hence I could easily justify it. If you come across it, I dare you to try it.

H 🙂



  1. I’m a big fans of black garlic for its texture, flavour and aromas…
    hunting the black garlic all over the internet edded up with a fail,
    so i made my homemade black garlic,
    from 20 cloves garlic that i fermented, they come out success with only 6 of them, the vaccum pack is the key !

    i know why this is so pricey due to prescize prosses and highly energy consume to create them…


    • If you go My Spice they sell Black Garlic. I have about 15 heads of garlic in my rice cooker. I did get this from someone on the internet. I sure hope they come out..

      I really like cooking with the Black Garlic.. I made a Caprese Salad using slivers and it was gone in 60 seconds.. Everyone LOVED it.


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