Recent breakfasts

oached eggs with mung bean sprouts, atop caramelised red onions on fried toast rounds

When I look back at my recent photos of home-cooked breakfasts, I can still taste the experience — and it’s very good. This post is about wanting to share that feeling with you. I hope you can look past the amateur photos to the deliciousness of the meals.

Meal #1. The top picture features my breakfast from about a week ago: poached eggs with mung bean sprouts, atop caramelised red onions on fried toast rounds. The yolks were perfectly runny and masqueraded as the sauce for the other components. Ridiculously good.

believe it or not, I used to seriously dislike runny yolks

Cooking notes:

  • I sprouted the mung beans using the method from my post of 14 March 2010.
  • Look to my breakfast pizzas post for pointers on caramelising the red onions and poaching the eggs traditionally.
  • I made the toast rounds by cutting circles of bread from extra large slices, then buttering both sides and frying [note: the remaining bread makes excellent croutons]. I then swirled over a good quantity of commercial tomato sauce — the only real shortcut I took for the dish — and layered over a few shavings of good quality parmesan before layering over the onions and poached eggs.
  • The grape & cherry tomatoes were warmed in the same pan in which the toast rounds were crisped.

Meal #2. I cooked up a big breakfast for good friends [a little while ago, now that I think of it!] with breakfast options that included cling-wrap poached eggs with dukkha, crispy bacon, chorizo with lime wedges, home-made baked beans with chipotle, mushrooms cooked with butter & parsley, oven-roasted baby tomatoes on the vine, home-made basil & pine-nut pesto, smoked Tasmanian salmon, butter croissants with preserves, macadamia muesli with natural yoghurt…

And there was more. You could say that I went a little overboard for 4 people.

my big breakfast was delicious

Meal #3. I make baked beans on cold mornings or when I need some TLC from the inside. For these beans, I started by sauteeing garlic and onion in the pan, then added a couple of tomatoes and the beans (cannelini in this case). Some leftover chicken soup (made from scratch from the night before) formed my stock base, to which I also added Worcestershire sauce, fresh chilli and spinach.

I poached the eggs in the beans and they turned out beautifully.

eggs poached in home-made baked beans

Unfortunately, photos from Meal #4 — my bacon sandwiches — were too blurred to salvage. Another time.

I hope this post inspires you in the same way it has reinvigorated me. What is your favourite home-cooked breakfast?

H 🙂

Addendum of 25 April 2010: As promised, here is a picture of a bitten-into Meal #4, bacon & egg breakfast rolls, from this morning.

not a meal for the vegan-hearted

Rice flour rolls spread thickly with Lurpak butter. Crispy rashers of bacon. Fried eggs with soft yolks. HP Sauce. Delicious.



  1. The breakfasts look great! I love the idea of the eggs poached in the beans and I don’t know how often I keep saying to myself I should try the cling wrapped poached eggs!


  2. Meal #1 is a beauty, Meal #2 makes me want to be your friend, Meal #3 somehow gives me TLC from the inside just looking at it, and #4 is a horrible tease 😉

    My favourite home cooked breakfast is when my sister makes me her “fat man’s scrambled eggs” with smoked salmon and wilted spinach. I had an interesting brekky on Easter Sunday though, after waking up from a very late night I toasted a hot cross bun, squashed a banana into it and drizzled with golden syrup. Very messy but worth it!


  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, peasepudding! Let me know what you think of the cling wrap poached eggs when you cook them for yourself.

    Conor, thank you for visiting again – and for your kind words. I will present #4 very soon. I haven’t yet tried the awesome-sounding ‘fat man’s scrambled eggs’, but I’ll let you know when I give it a go!

    Chad, they were!

    H 🙂


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