Laughter is so incredibly good for your health

I like to know how people have stumbled onto a very foodly diary. The search terms are often surprising and some of them are downright funny:

  • accidentally inhaling raw beef (24/11/2009) [what tha-?];
  • I have way too many chocolate truffles (30/11/2009) [and how is that a problem, exactly?]; and
  • raspberry curry cheesecake (8/12/2009) [yum, yum…].

I laugh a lot, and I smile more. I smiled so much as a 16-year old, in fact, that I had some sourpuss tell me that I smile too much for it to be genuine. Phooey to them, I say: I’m still smiling.

As I get older, I am finding it’s still the little things that give me a giggle.

About 9 years ago, I attended a laughing seminar to find out what laughing clubs were all about and it was great fun. I even tried to start a laughing club at work. That lasted a whole one session. I think three people showed up.

Apparently, if you fake laughter it has the same physiological benefits (releases endorphins, boosts the immune system, protects the heart, relaxes the whole body) as the genuine experience, hence the “fake it ’til you make it” slogan that accompanies laughter clubs around the world.
>You may also want to look at The Gesundheit! Institute’s website, based on the work of Patch Adams and some of his medical colleagues.

For everyday laughs, I regularly visit I Can Has Cheezburger [18/06/2018: link removed due to drastic site change] and I recently discovered The Funny Signs Blog.

I also find constant amusement with respect to food and food products. Take this xkcd comic for example:

And when did ‘Popular’ become a size?

the ever-popular popular size from Baskin Robbins

Restaurant menus are often laugh-worthy too. I still don’t know what deep fried milk is. Maybe I should go back and order it.

deep fried milk?

I am still scratching my head at this one too. If you haven’t already, you have to check out everything about the Murder Burger site [not anymore: see below], especially the menu [the Ostrich Burger is my favourite] and opening hours. Very amusing indeed.

Finally, I saw this double-rainbow when dropping Xander off at daycare not so long ago. It also made me smile, in a different way.

double rainbow

I hope this post leaves you with a smile in your heart as well as on your face. Have an awesome rest-of-week!

H 🙂

Addendum of 8/11/2015: I’ve taken out all links to the Murder Burger site– because they’re not funny anymore. I think they might have changed ownership. I wish I’d spent more time with them, back then, in 2010. And I should have taken screen dumps; their site was just so darned original and funny! The memory of this unbridled hilarity [wherefore art thou, dark poetry of Beijing?] makes the presence of what is now online even sadder. I don’t think I can bring myself to visit them in the flesh, even if I do make it to Ponsonby, Manukau, or Mt Eden…

Addendum of 17/03/2010: An embarrassing one. I changed the above to reflect the fact that I attended the laughing seminar more like 9 years ago (rather than 7). Sometimes I forget my own age – although one online news site did shave 4 years off my age during MasterChef, in which case the seminar would have taken place 5 years ago…



  1. Without doubt you have made me smile.

    I agree Poooowweeeee to those who don’t think your laughter is genuine, its says something about them – rather than you.

    As a vegetarian, the one with ‘its not chicken’ made me smile.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I loved it.


    • I appreciate your lovely comment, mangocheeks – and I am so glad my post made you smile! That ‘chicken’ pic is a favourite of mine too.

      H 🙂


  2. Having recently read your blog(s), I realised, and also my roomate for that matter, I am very hungry; I should eat soon. Perhaps I will “follow the rabbit” sometime today.


    • Thanks for your comment, Mattcho. It is very awesome that a very foodly diary made you hungry!

      I hope your Zebba experience left you sated; it is always a pleasure for me.

      H 🙂


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