7 amusing foodly lists

After the heavy reading and cooking of my last two posts, I thought it was time to sweeten the mood.

sweet, sweet sugary goodness

So here are seven food-related lists I have found online recently, some of which I found amusing and others of which are actually useful references (hence, amuseful):

  1. I found multiple lists shouting “The Foods that Food Experts Won’t Eat” and this list of 7 comes from a naturopathic doctor. Together with Darya Pino’s response to this article, I am thinking twice about buying canned tomatoes.
  2. 101 – sorry 127 – things not to eat and drink before you die. This comes from one of Australia’s foremost food bloggers, so I trust him. Mostly. There are some items on his list that feature prominently in my pantry/refrigerator. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that.
  3. 10 Best Food Movies is a list penned by a restauranteur and a chef.
  4. A Recipe For Longevity: 33 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth is a breakdown of apparent superfoods.
  5. Funny Food One Liners is a short list of dad-quality jokes about food. [I still laughed when I read them. Does that make me a dad?]
  6. The 6 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs. I scoured the net for an ‘unhealthiest foods’ list until I found one that didn’t include butter.
  7. Finally, this article details dietary dos and don’ts for better sex. Enough said.

As you read through the above, I hope that you learn something new while beaming broadly. I certainly did.

What’s your favourite foodly list?

H 🙂


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