Source Foods

Source Foods — cnr Brisbane & Beaufort Streets, Northbridge (ph: 6468 7100) — is a cafe with a mission. It aims to produce sustainable food with high quality, human and ecological standards and I think it succeeds on all counts.

entry to Source Foods - 289 Beaufort Street, Northbridge

For starters, Source uses the fair trade and organic Tiger Mountain coffee, which is locally roasted by Antz inya Pantz Coffee Company. I thoroughly enjoy my coffees here.

skinny long macchiato, just as I like it

The earth friendly offerings do not end with the coffee. Where possible, ingredients are sourced locally and organically. The menu features a useful key, so you can tell at a glance if an item is over 70% organic, gluten free or has guaranteed low food miles — and this menu has excellent options for vegans and vegetarians.

Although it is also open for lunch (and I have listened to friends rave about the burgers on offer), I can not go past the Source breakfast. I am positively enamoured by the ‘Vegan Heaven’, with its hommus-smothered toast, sauteed mushrooms, wilted spinach, ripe tomatoes and freshly made baked beans.

vegan heaven

If you’re game to eat with your fingers, try eating this breakfast as I do: take generous forkfuls of the mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach; rip the toast into hefty strips for scooping up the beans. This is what decadence would be if healthy was classed as hedonistic. And my stomach is doing backflips just thinking about it.

That said, I have to admit, the ‘Eggs in a Daze’ (aka “Eggs Florentine” in other cafes), with their fresh hollandaise, are also pretty special…

eggs in a daze

…and, if I am feeling like something a little sweeter, I will sometimes order the organic croissant with butter and homemade preserves as well. I am yet to try the almond croissant. Due to my longstanding addiction to the Milkd almond croissants (toasted, with butter and strawberry conserve), I am loathe to tempt fate and find a potentially more magnetic source for this compulsion.

organic croissant with butter and preserves

Now to the bottom line. Count on spending $4 per coffee, depending on what you order, and meals run from $5 (organic toast) to $18 (Big Eco or Vegan Heaven). While your meal won’t be cheap and it may take more than a few minutes to arrive, it will be utterly delectable and you can feel a little smug in the notion that your meal is probably better for the environment than at most other establishments.

placing an order

I love eating at Source. It took me a while to try, and it is now one of my preferred places to breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and, as always, I would love to hear about your experience.

Thanks so much for reading,

H šŸ™‚


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