5 delicious and nutritious snacks you can make in 5 minutes flat

This post is for my lovely friend P, who accosted me two days ago with some fluffy homemade marshmallow [which was quite delicious — and she insists on keeping the recipe secret. I will find a comparable recipe, dognammit!]. She told me her marshmallow shapes took 5 minutes to make, then she challenged me to come up with some 5-minute recipe ideas. P, you’ll have to let me know if this hits the spot.

eggs in bread

When I am in need of a quick energy fix, I reach for whatever is nearest in the house — and this is why I no longer buy crisps during my weekly shop. Instead, I stock my house with lots of raw ingredients, which tend more often than not to be organic and/or free range.

The list to follow discounts the 2-second snack options such as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, cream cheese or peanut butter in celery sticks, dried fruit/nut combos, and tuna and crackers. And, of course, the 5 minute rule only serves if you have the ingredients in the house.

So here’s my Top 5 in 5, from the top of my head (and this list was compiled in 5 minutes too):

  1. Smoked salmon on rye – smear cream cheese thickly on a slice of rye bread, layer over some smoked salmon and thinly sliced red onion, sprinkle on a few capers, salt (not too much!), pepper. Drizzle over a little olive oil and you’re done. Eat, enjoy! And if smoked salmon’s not your thing, you could use Persian feta & avocado as a topping instead.
  2. Parmesan, rocket and cherry tomato salad – toss some freshly washed/dried rocket (or baby spinach leaves) in a cereal bowl with ripe cherry tomatoes and some shaved parmesan. Add a sprinkle of salt, a grind of pepper, and a swirl each of olive oil and white wine vinegar/balsamic vinegar/verjuice. You can include other ingredients you have to hand (eg. prosciutto, olives, red onion), or you can roughly chop the base mix, pile it onto crusty bread and call it bruschetta.
  3. A fruit smoothie – your favourite fruit + a good dollop of yoghurt + a big spoonful of honey + 1 cup ice + soy/rice/cow’s milk. Blend it up, and you have an awesome energy boost. You could include ingredients such as spirulina, barley grass, LSA mix or wheatgerm if you have them in the house.
  4. Eggs in bread (pictured) – spread a layer over both sides of two pieces of bread, then carve out the centres with a small glass. Place the holey bread and rounds into a large frypan over medium heat. When the butter starts to melt, add freshly cracked eggs to the centre of the holey bread, sprinkling the entire pan contents with salt & pepper, and some roughly chopped flatleaf parsley if you have it lying around. When the eggwhites start to set, flip the holey bread & rounds. Leave to cook for another couple of minutes then serve on a dinner plate with your favourite sauce [I like HP]. Good for any time of day or night.
  5. Soy-coated sunflower seeds – this is a little cheaty because you have to preheat the oven first, to 170°C. Place a packet (~100g) of de-shelled sunflower seeds on an oven tray, and place it into the preheated oven for five minutes. When you remove the tray from the oven, swirl over some soy sauce and toss the warm sunflower seeds to ensure they are thinly and evenly coated. They may seem a little sticky; let them cool on the tray and you will be amazed at what a tasty treat they become [thank you to my friend Y for that idea!].

Yum. With that, I am heading off to make snack ideas 2 & 5 right now.

What do you do when you need fast energy?

H 🙂



  1. I really need to start keeping more smoked salmon in my house. I love number 5, and would never have thought to do it! I’m intrigued!

    My fast energy fixes are bowls of natural yoghurt, chopped fruit (with heaps of seedless grapes right now!) and stewed rhubarb (which I constantly have sitting in the fridge). Sliced or mashed banana, crunchy peanut butter and a drizzle of golden syrup on a crumpet or toast is anothery. Oh and of course beans on toast 😀


    • Friends in Broome put me onto #5; it’s a combination that never would have crossed my mind otherwise. Let me know if you like it.

      Thanks for sharing your fast energy fixes too, Conor. Homemade beans on toast is another favourite of mine too – they take some time to make, then you can freeze them into convenient portions for quick breakfasts/snacks.

      H 🙂


  2. They look great!

    When I’m short on time I like to have cheese on vitawheats with baby tomatoes and cracked pepper. If I have a little more time I like to mash up some avocado with a bit of lemon and spread this on vitawheats also. (I think I’m spelling Vitawheat wrong!)

    I also chop up loads of fruit first thing in the morning, the kids eat it with their breakfast, I add it to their lunchboxes and then I snack on the rest of it throughout the day.

    Air popped popcorn is great when eaten immediately, no need to add anything, tastes great when fresh.


    • Thanks for your comment, Maureen – these are great healthy ideas!

      I stopped eating popcorn when I lost my air-popper. Popcorn is so high in fibre and air-poppers are so cheap; I really should invest again.

      H 🙂


  3. From my friend Pauline (via facebook):

    Hello there, I have a 2 minute, 1 ingredient thermomix recipe! It is perfect for the warm weather at the moment!

    I carton Brownes Pouring Custard pre-frozen in ice trays. Put into the TM and wizz it up on speed 7 for 1 minute, stop it a couple of times just to scrape the mix back over the blades to make sure your get a good even consistency. I threw in 10 of the mini flake bars & put it on Speed 7 for another 12 seconds on top of this and it was lovely! It will keep in the freezer if you can’t eat it all in one go!


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