Funny fruit with an eye-ish texture

Or so I would imagine anyway. I have actually never eaten an eye before. Not even from a whole fish [and, if I am to partake of a whole fish, I have to cover its face first. I have real problems eating any animal product that: (1) I have seen attached to the animal in its whole form; (2) I saw alive beforehand; or (3) is offal. True story].

yummy lychees

So to lychees. They’re delicious and in season now. I enjoy them, with their slippery mouthfeel and tropical freshness. Nutrition Data also reports that this fruit is high in vitamin C and a good source of copper, so I am guessing you should limit your lychee intake if you have Wilson’s disease.

I ate lychees recently at breakfast [Xander is a fan also], and with roast duck at Nahm Thai on Bulwer Street. Now that’s an innovative Thai restaurant [review to follow soon].

This is a very lazy post, and for that I apologise. I have been so ridiculously busy lately. So many posts conceived; so many meals eaten; so many wines uncorked.

More substance will follow.

H 🙂



  1. H, Hannah
    You need to try making lychee chicken mince balls…cook up chilli, ginger and garlic and coriander root with some peanut oil until aromatic. then add chicken mince, when cooked through add some brown sugar and fish sauce and and stir throughfor a few more minutes…cool and add chopped coriander leaves and then stuff into lychees for a tasty starter!
    Annie Q


  2. Funny, I never thought of lychee being like an eye before 🙂 Love the fruit. The quality this year in particular, has been ridiculously good.


  3. AnnieQ – those lychee chicken mince balls sound pretty special. I have the feeling that these will make a tasty dinner sometime this week.

    Y – I have also been enjoying more rambutans & berries this year. It’s pretty exciting to see such a wide variety of fruit in our markets & supermarkets.

    H 🙂


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