Chapter One

C1 from the inside

I was honoured to share a recent Friday afternoon at Chapter One Brasserie in Subiaco with Mark and Sybil, two fabulous friends visiting from Melbourne. The recommendation for our location came from an astute work colleague: I had not heard of the restaurant beforehand.

Sybil & Mark

A delayed flight and driver who didn’t know which end of Hay Street was which led to our late arrival; the staff were very understanding when I called to say we would be late. An unexpected benefit from the lateness of the hour: we had almost the entire restaurant to ourselves.

we almost had the restaurant to ourselves

Our entrees were well worth the late start. Sybil ordered the baby calamari, which arrived with a generous serve of creamy home-made aioli, while Mark & I shared little bites of flavour via the tasting plate that comprised (L-R): chorizo with pesto; mini quiches; gazpacho shots; arancini; polenta batons with tomato chutney; pine nut stuffed mushrooms.

beautiful baby calamari

the delectable delights on the tasting plate

Our mains: Sybil ordered the very large entree-sized blue manna crab angel hair pasta; Mark ate the ocean trout atop a nicoise salad; I enjoyed carpaccio with parmesan and horseradish mayonnaise, because I compulsively order carpaccio whenever I see it on a menu.

blue manna crab angel hair

the ocean trout

I just can't resist ordering carpaccio when it's on the menu

We were all very pleased with our mains selections, as the empty plates will attest.

the licked-clean plates tell the tale

In the end, we were too full to fathom dessert; this was in spite of the tempting sticky date pudding that sauntered past at eye level as we awaited our entrees.

Our meal, including one beverage apiece, came to $55 each. Not super-cheap but certainly not overpriced for the food or the experience. I will definitely return.

Saying goodbye to a lovely brasserie

This post wasn’t exactly heavy on the text, but I think in this case my dodgy iPhone photos actually told the thousand words they should. Thank you for reading,

H πŸ™‚



  1. I went here for dinner with friends a year or two ago, and was really impressed with the quality of the food. Sadly it was pre-blogging so I can’t back this up with photographic evidence. Good to hear they are still pumping out quality dishes, I’ll have to get back there once my finances have recovered from the past few weeks of haemorrhaging!


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