Sweet decadence

I am more of a savoury than a sweets person, but you wouldn’t know it from my recent purchases. Well, two out of three of my favourites anyway.

20091109 RochelleAdonis_nougat

Purchase #1: Rochelle Adonis nougat. Although Rochelle Adonis is well-known to the Perth foodie elite (she also featured in the Autumn 2009 edition of Spice), she is new news for me. A connected friend introduced me to Rochelle and her wares during an October pho expedition on Brisbane Street. Being partial to nougat and very full of noodles, I looked past the delicious looking petit fours and purchased three pristinely packaged portions of nougat [these are currently priced at $15.50 per bar].

Pictured below (clockwise from my lemon cheesecake and pashmak canapes):
my recommendation is the rose petal, barberry & pistachio nougat, which is arguably her most famous offering; the wild blueberry, almond & lemon variety is the latest member of the range; the dark choc, orange, macadamia & ginger delight melts like Christmas in your mouth.

20091109 RochelleAdonis_nougat2

…and I just had to show you the last, lonely piece of my rose petal bar, before the fudgy nougat was lovingly ingested by moi:

20091102 rosepetalnougat

Purchase #2: Chaource — a soft white-rind cheese. On the strength of my nougat find, I was keen to investigate another fresh Northbridge addition: Coles. I know most of you will have been to a Coles supermarket at some stage (if you live in Australia, that is), but the Northbridge store has more fabulous variety in its butters and cheeses than I have noticed in other stores. It was here that I discovered Lincet Chaource [$19 for the 250g round].

As for a decent camembert or brie, the centre of this white-rind cheese melts completely if you leave it at room temperature for long enough. I cheated: I warmed mine in a 150-degree oven for about 10 minutes, then cut off the top to serve; the liquid innards were then scooped out and enjoyed on generous slices of Lawley’s olive ciabatta, like a grown-up cheese spread. Bliss.

Purchase #3: Amadei — dark Italian chocolate. Amedei chocolate found me in Yellow Bistro and Food Store on my current trip to the east coast:

20091102 Amadei

At $15.50 for 100g, this 66% cocoa dark chocolate delivered exactly what it said it would on the box: “long-lasting taste, without initial aggressiveness.”

Don’t view it as an expensive block of chocolate; rather, follow our lead and share this amongst four consenting adults as the perfect after dinner treat.



  1. Thanks for the education in Rochelle Adonis – I can see myself getting well acquainted with her in the near future.

    Also good to her my new local Coles is so cheese-tastic! Plus it is open on Sundays, so you don’t need to wait until Monday to cheese it up.


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