Afternoon tea in the warm spring sun

Think pink tulips and sparkling white wine. Think flowing summer dresses and wide-brimmed hats. Think sugar and chocolate and coffee and cream. Such was my Saturday afternoon, spent with some truly wonderful women.

the savoury canapes went down a treat

What we were eating:

  • savoury canapes — two fillings: (1) smoked salmon, (2) chevre, semi-dried tomato & oven-dried sage;
  • a cheese plate of sortschicken liver and green peppercorn pate, Mersey Valley pickled onion cheddar, plum jam and green olives from the Mondo Markets, plain crostini;
  • sweet canapes — three fillings: (1) mandarin, cointreau & ganache, (2) ganache & choc-coated coffee bean, (3) cheesecake & rose pashmak;
  • pink cupcakes — courtesy of N.

What we were drinking: Grant Burge sparkling, Three Kings sauvignon blanc.

What we were listening to: seu jorge, Architecture in Helsinki.

What we were hoping: that the afternoon would never end.

pink just happens to be my favourite colour :)



  1. Yes they were all delicious! Thanks so much for cooking and hope you were able to get some pretty things as a result!



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