After looking forward to it for weeks, I missed the Capricci’s opening due to illness. Although I booked a table as soon as I could, it’s taken me about 5 weeks to finish this post. Sorry for the delay – and I hope you enjoy in spite of the dodgy iPhone photos!

H 🙂


Capricci’s – on the foreshore @ 7a Rockingham Road, Rockingham – ph: (08) 9527 2424

Good Italian food has this magical way of curing all ills. When I eat an authentic pasta, cacciatore or pizza, I am transported to a different time and place.

This was exactly my experience at Capricci’s on 17 August and Trev & Marianna were the consummate hosts. Incidentally, Trev reached #11 on Channel 10’s MasterChef.

Having seen the restaurant the week before the launch party, I can personally attest to the transformation that took place with the change of ownership. The revamped interior and new furniture have made this restaurant into more than just a glorified pizzeria. It would have been great to see the hardwood bar in action [not fitted, as at my visit].

The atmosphere was family friendly (at least three other families dined at the same time as we were there) while still maintaining a comfortable ambience. I think the poster on the way to the rest rooms gave parents an extra incentive to keep their little ones happy:

I love this poster!

And, as it turns out, we were lunching at Capricci’s at the same time as Spano the hypnotist, who seemed like a lovely person even though he did leave me wondering if I had been unknowingly hypnotised in the past…

The aromas walking past our table whetted my appetite and I have to admit to acquiring order envy more than a couple of times. In hindsight, I probably should have ordered and reported on the dish that propelled Trev through the Perth auditions and into MasterChef fame: lamb cacciatore. That said, when my order arrived in good time after ordering, I knew that I had made the right choice for me.

I ordered simply: the Capricci’s Special pizza (olives, roasted red capsicum, salsiccia) for main. It was just what I needed and Xander loved his first tastes of olive and capsicum. He also helped me out by eating four crusts, in spite of having just eaten a full lunch himself, hence I think it is safe to say that the pizza was something special.

I was most impressed that Lorenzo, our pizza chef, took the time to talk Xander and I through his two top tips for perfect pizza dough:
1. Use milk
2. Always use fresh yeast rather than dry.

Of course, Italian food comes with a prerequisite glass of wine. Trev informed me at the time that the wine list was growing, and I am sure it has by now. Our capable waiter recommended a very drinkable sauvignon blanc to start; Trev also poured me a small glass of the Danzante sangiovese [$44.50 per bottle], which complemented the pizza well. None of the wines were high end, but that matters little when the wines on the list are well-priced and match the food. Besides, great Italian food makes the wine.

For dessert, I couldn’t resist the tiramisu, which Marianna had lovingly constructed the day before according to an old family recipe. It was an excellent choice: I savoured every bite.

A big thank you to Marianna & Trev for the fabulous food and service. I look forward to my next visit.

Proud new owners: Trev & Marianna   Lorenzo hard at work
Xander learns the finer points of pizza making   Marianna's luscious tiramisu   Saying goodbye to Spano


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