Soto does a lovely panini

Lightly toasted. Rare roast beef, caramelised onion, baby rocket. Home-made mayo in a piped floret on the side. Soto does a lovely panini.

Soto sign

Oh, and now they also have wifi, one of my pet loves πŸ™‚

The coffee here is fantastic (it is an espresso bar, after all), and it’s an inspiring place to while away minutes or hours as you write, indulge, observe.

I was sitting at the window, in the top area just inside the front door, when I heard the irreverant crash of china against china. I looked down to the pavement and saw some poor chap juggling a cup & saucer he had almost sent flying. Not, as I had initially surmised, whilst reaching across the table for his lover’s hand: he had actually been clamouring for the last skerrick of chocolate slice.



  1. ha! I hope the skerrick was snatched from under his nose.

    I must get down to Soto one of these days. And thanks for reminding me I need to write up my Beaufort St Merchant meal!


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