How I ruined the hot chocolate experience for myself

I can no longer enjoy a simple cup of hot chocolate like I used to. Ever since I ordered the Mexican chilli choc at The Wild Fig and tried out the Aztec version at San Churro, I have felt compelled to add spices to my homemade hot chocolate in a bid to emulate these lofty ideals.

Today was too cold and stormy to leave the house for my morning coffee so I took the opportunity to experiment with spice…

Recipe #43: Hannah’s Chilli Hot Chocolate. Warning: recipe to follow is for an oversized (soup) mug.

Start with the dry ingredients: add 2 heaped tsp of cocoa powder, 2 tsp of sugar and ~½ tsp of cornflour to 1 very ground up clove, half a cinnamon stick (slightly bashed — not too much, or the shards will get in the way as you are drinking), a scraping of nutmeg and ~¼ tsp of chilli powder.

the dry ingredients look kind of nondescript

Add a splash of milk and work the mixture into a mudpie paste.
> You can add a little more cold milk here, or heat up a lot more on the stove to be used instead of the water (next step).

Finally, stir constantly as you dribble in the boiled water, and you should have a steaming and tasty end result that looks remarkably like a traditional hot chocolate, only it’s not. It packs a spicy punch in the drinking and, for me, it’s so uplifting; almost a spiritual experience.

my version of hot & spicy

I know it’s not for everyone. Let me know if you do try it out!


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