Doing what I said I would

Thank you, my dear and very valued readers, for being patient with me. Life has been hectic lately and, ever-so-slowly, I am getting myself all caught up with the world.

Right now, I am sitting at “the best table for wifi reception” (according to the waitress – and it is pretty good) in North Beach’s Wild Fig. I am here by myself – blogging, picking at a creamy vegetarian pasta, sipping on Mexican hot chocolate [I taste chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe clove. It’s delightful]. The Waifs (via CD), local artists and Watermans Bay provide the ambience. It is crisp and cool; the winter sun is interrupted by the merest smudge of a cloud. Aside from the lack of beret, this is a day straight out of a former post and it’s perfect.

my Wild Fig meal

This morning, I went to yoga for the first time in weeks, then visited a friend for coffee. I didn’t realise before today that she is also a lover of food. Once this was revealed, the conversation flowed from food preferences to early food experiences, from Sydney restaurants to Lyle’s Golden Syrup [I am brand new to this and I could eat it by the spoonful straight from the tin]. I stayed longer than planned, left with a borrowed cookbook under my arm and a smile in my heart.

It’s funny how you can know somebody yet not know them at the same time. We make such assumptions about our friends and acquaintances. One of my mentors reminded me of this fact on Thursday when he said, “Scratch the surface and we’re all the same.” Now I look around the cafe and begin to wonder about the life experience, different paths, the happiness, the depth of hurt that surrounds me in the form of other humans. Here, it seems, you can be consumed as you consume. I feel almost invisible. A fly on the wall. I am at peace, content.

the eye-level view from my table

I haven’t had a whole day to myself for a while and now I remember why I need this time. My soul is still. I must do this again soon.


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