Top 50 week: Day 3

It’s a long haul, I know, getting through all this text. Are you still with me?

You may have noticed that I am only sharing my experience after the relevant episode goes to air in WA. As episodes air, they are also shared to the MasterChef Australia website.

Now for the disclaimer I should have probably stated from my very first MasterChef-related post.

If you weren’t already aware of it, these posts are the nutshell version of my experiences only. I am certain that if you spoke to every single applicant/auditionee/Top 50 member you would hear thousands of different stories. We all have our own filters and priorities in life, and we all have our reasons for doing things. I am addicted to achieving, which gives me the impetus to follow each of my passions in life as far as I can take them. MasterChef is part of that journey in relation to food, and my blog also satisfies my passion for writing.

I hope you enjoy my ride,

H 🙂

Day 3: the fish markets. As we would discover, while the contestants up for elimination started their race through the fish markets, the rest of us got a little sleep-in.

This was the challenge everybody wanted. Elevent contestants. Two hours. Fifty dollars. Two seafood dishes.

It would have been so much fun, haggling over seafood prices, buying fresh produce, allowing creative juices to flow untethered. Some of us were getting antsy over the fact that we hadn’t yet cooked — after all, that was what we were here for! Although I knew it would be stressful, I wanted to be in that zone. I was envious, wishing that I had been eliminated from the bolognese challenge so that I could be a part of this adventure.

The challengers’ meals were judged by Matt Preston and Greg Doyle, of Pier fame.
>Pier is an awesome book, btw. Such style and class. It gives me a high bar to aim for.

We lost three members of the team following judgement, including a Perthian… We didn’t even get to say a goodbye off camera. They were whisked away quickly, just as the first group to be eliminated, never to be seen again. [Well, not until tonight’s episode was screened anyway.]

Today’s elimination left a dark cloud hanging over the remaining group. Following judgement, Gary and George gave us a pep talk, partly about us being too friendly but mostly about how to explore our passion for food. They told us to dine out somewhere nice, collect menus, talk to waitstaff, gain work experience standing on the pass of a busy restaurant, do internet research, think about flavour combinations we enjoy. It was just the lift we needed.

Dinner at Pendolino with my food mentor was an exquisite exploration into fine Italian fare.

When we got back to the hotel, I was super-tired — from the show, from expressing (and being forgotten) at every break. I was now getting stressed because my milk supply was decreasing. I had decided not to take my milk home, due to dubious storage conditions, and my heart sank as I emptied full containers down the drain. I hated to waste such a precious commodity, and doing this only made me miss my son more. [Yes, by this stage everything was making me miss my son more!]

In spite of this, I sat down with my iPhone to do more homework. I researched cuts of meat, herbs and spices, sketched dishes I would like to build, wrote down lists of complementary flavours.

Speculation was rife as to what tomorrow’s challenge for the group would be…

Tomorrow: the promised tom yum gai recipe.
Sunday: the final challenge.
Monday: judgement.


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