kikki.K love

For those who don’t know, kikki.K is a Swedish stationery store that found its way to Australia about eight years ago – and now there is one just down the road from me.

Coordinated stationery is one of my guilty pleasures. Not only does it look great, but new stationery makes me feel organised, inspired, complete. Pictured are the items I purchased in the last week [and, yes, some of them are food-related!]:

  • in 5 minutes – a book of blank one-page biographies. Circulate it at dinner parties to help you learn more about your friends’ inner workings. I especially like the “When I was a child I wanted to…” starter;
  • my pink cloud book – to give me big ideas in important work-related meetings. There’s even a holder for my pen at the front. Now that’s organisation!
  • dinner party conversation starters – tiny little squares of inspiration for when there isn’t any. Or for some fun after a few drinks;
  • weekly meal planner (the green one) – I used to use a lined notepad. Now I use these, because they save time on drawing lines and labelling myself, plus they are funner;
  • weekly family planner (the red one) – I use this one for planning my blog [I hope Darren‘s proud of me!]; and
  • magnetic clips – for displaying my planners and other important documents on the fridge, or other metal surfaces.

mmm...organisational tools...sheer bliss

And there are so many more options for foodie people – such as recipe compendiums, shopping lists, meal tabs, dinner party invitations. It’s just so fabulous that it can be hard to know where to stop.



  1. Thanks so much for your comment, Wendy – and for returning!

    BTW, I read your recent Photo Friday post and got teary at your opening quote. Very magical.

    H đŸ™‚


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