My best Easter present ever (and it wasn’t eggs)

One of the things that I have discovered about being a mum is that, not only do you start buying presents for yourself from your child, you also pick up the slack for partners who fail to recognise gift-giving opportunities. This is how I ended up with the best Easter gift ever: I bought it for myself.

Spice, by Christine Manfield

Spice is Christine Manfield’s inspirational reference book that’s been around for a few years. I just needed the right justification to acquire these 362 indulgent pages.

It’s all here, from wet and dry spice mixes to complicated dishes – some of which use several of the spice blends at once. I was impressed with Christine’s research, attention to detail, and the ratio of familiar to new ideas. Her opening blurb was mystical and exciting; I felt like I was being inducted into ancient rituals just by daring to peer within.

The two gripes that I have about this book are not really problems as such:

  1. although the book includes a glossary of raw ingredients, there are no pictures. I was au fait with most of the spices listed, however I would have appreciated photos or sketches so that I would know others if I saw them.
    >That said, the written descriptions are excellent; and
  • the photos in the book (by Ashley Barber) are incredible. There are just not enough of them.
    >That said, there are still a lot of awesome images.
  • Now I can mix up my own baharat and za’atar, based on recipes from a recognised expert — although I think I will stick to my tried and true Ras el Hanout considering it does not include Spanish fly beetle, as per Christine’s recipe.

    …and, of course, if I find it all this spice blending too time consuming, I can always look to Christine’s website to seek out her product range (with an on-site recommendation by Simon Johnson, no less).

    Spice was not a necessary purchase for me: I will still scour the internet for spicy recipes, despite this fulsome resource. I will treasure it for what it is: a touchstone for exotic flavour combinations and a means to challenge my palate.



    1. hey Hannah, here speaks a very passionate amateur cook to you. 🙂I have heard that spices are somewhat bad for the overall health and digestion. Did you have heard something about this since you have a lot to do with food :)?


    2. I really appreciate your comments, Michael & Claus.Michael, your lovely curly question gave me so much food for thought that my next post is focused on it entirely. Thank you – and I hope you revisit in a couple of hours!H 🙂


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