On a personal note

I start work again tomorrow. After more than 7 months on parental leave, I have my first official day in the office.

My workplace is fabulous. They have agreed to a 3-day workweek, comprising one day in the office and four half-days from home, and my boss is seeking out challenging projects for me that faciliate this work arrangement. I don’t think many places would be as accommodating.

I truly believe that ‘happy mummy = happy baby’ and going back to work is something I need for me as much as our living expenses. I crave the mental stimulation, achievement and social aspects, so I am really looking forward to it. Still, I can not help feeling a little apprehensive. For me, not for Xander. I know he’ll be fine.

Thanks to my naturopath, my expressing mission is going well – and we successfully trialled formula for a couple of feeds as a ‘just in case’. I also know that my partner is fully prepared for babysitting duties. Every base is covered. This represents a major, healthy challenge for our family and Xander’s growth. Yet I still feel a little sadness creep in every so often.

My little boy is growing up and I don’t want to miss a minute.


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